Our EPCM Approach – Full circle

IntES is one of the top engineering consultancy services providers for project delivery excellence and construction safety management, which has been demonstrated by the numerous successful EPCM projects executed by our teams. On every project, we use cost-effective, sustainable methods and innovative thinking to meet our clients’ needs and expectations. Our engineers and construction management experts share the best of our international experience, innovative technology and repeatable solutions.

For our clients, this means: A single point of communication!

Our projects are being delivered according to local codes and standards in the countries we take on our projects and we are utilising our High Value Engineering Centre (HVEC) where possible, to bring our clients the best value and consistent quality. Our company is a well oiled machine and we truly operate as one. We do not pretend that we are able to provide services in all the countries around the world solely by our own IntES team. IntES is an advocate for collaboration with third parties where the only purpose is to bring the best outcome with a client centric approach.

Client centricity means that an internationally operating engineering consulting firm will review for each EPCM project the potential gaps in our service proposition and pro actively find partners to collaborate. This can vary from specific expertise, knowledge on specific countries in case we work outside our “home countries” but it might also be capacity in case the project size requires such approach. Moreover we are experienced to work in integrated project teams which includes employees of our clients, suppliers, other consultancy partners and contractors.

As each client has its specific needs at different times, the services we offer are flexible and tailored. That can be for a particular design stage, or a specific engineering discipline for Buildings & Building Services, or Process Plant Engineering. IntES delivers Engineering Procurement for obtaining compliant bids from contractors and equipment suppliers and stand for an independend advise for the selection of contractors. At the end the client stays in control and decides! Our Construction Management teams are available to follow up the site works.

You tell us your ideas on your needs; we will listen carefully and transform it to a practical approach.

EPCM Approach Diagram

We provide the following:

  • Proven budgeting, scheduling and cost-control systems to effectively manage complex design and construction programs or large construction management-at-risk programs;
  • BIM solutions for collaboration between parties, cost savings and time optimization;
  • Integrated project management control systems to help our clients consistently meet regulatory deadlines and strict budgetary requirements on PM/CM programs;
  • Cost savings through streamlined procurement processes;
  • Local and regional expertise to tackle permitting requirements, regulatory concerns and challenging local, political and economic issues.

Information Management for all project stages

We offer a full range of  delivery methods and Information Management options  which can be tailored to fit client and project needs. This includes innovative engineering, smart and transparent procurement processes and real time documentation to perform the construction management services. We tailor the specific delivery system, project approach and pricing structure to fit client and project requirements, for successful project solutions and outcomes.

Please contact our team for a tailored approach;

from a client centric perspective.