Jesper Wijnja

Meet Jesper Wijnja, our expert at IntES for setting up circular pilot plants, including lab development, engineering, operations and validations.

Jesper has gained a lot of highly valuable experience and has built up his expertise in the world of circular (plastic) recycling over past years. Initially as a Lead Process Engineer, he contributed to a recycling development and increased the technology from a lab scale up to an industrial scale. This patented technique has been incorporated into a sorting process aimed at mixed plastics. The factory is commissioned where processing and production took place.

In addition, Jesper has also heavily investigated the potential markets for the recycled plastic products. And all this to produce the highest possible quality of recycled plastic. A significant highlight resultant of this being the use of the recycled plastic in transparent food packaging used by one of the well-known supermarkets.

Finally, Jesper has a fine grasp on European legislation with respect to waste management, plastic (packaging) recycling, and chemicals.

This summary does not do justice to all the challenges this notable endeavour entailed, there was so much involved! Get in touch with Jesper for more information.

Jesper is responsible for Process Plant Engineering within IntES. Based at IntES in The Netherlands, he is a highly experienced Chemical Engineer who is very motivated in assessing, developing, and the validation of recycling methods with the purpose of reaching higher quality recycled material streams for new products.

Contact Jesper to find out how he, and IntES, can help you with your next project.

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Jesper Wijnja

Process Plant Engineering Manager at IntES Netherlands B.V. (The Netherlands)