Our History

IntES began its operations in 2016 and has since then kept on growing. With our current employees IntES has a solid base to continue to expand and improve its services. Since opening our first office in Vietnam, we have been successful in creating a stable network of offices across the globe which will continue to grow as our company expands. Currently we have locations in China, South East Asia, Europe and projects in Africa, with more to come in the future. All of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for our dedicated team. Our History

Even though IntES began in 2016, the roots of the company go back nearly a decade. In early 2016 former colleagues, who have worked together in an international engineering consultancy firm, took the plunge and have since then never looked back. From that moment onward IntES has grown into what it is today. Not only do we pride ourselves in that our management is a solid team with a long history together, also our employees have been loyal and committed to continue serving our (potential) clients for years to come.

Our company name, IntES, is a contraction of the words International  Engineering Solutions. We want to create solutions for our engineering challenges across the globe. 

Over the years IntES has built a network of trust between its employees, management team members and owners. We are an employees owned company which is being more client centric then ever before. On every project we are given, we bring our A-game and our high level of commitment to get things done professionally. For a long time we have had a devoted team serving our clients the very best we can offer.

Talk to our expert

Ronald de Vries

General Director at IntES Holding (The Netherlands)