Civil Engineer


REPORT TO:           Civil Section Chief/Engineering Manager


  • Perform all design, engineering work and proposal work assigned to the discipline as well as support to other disciplines as required in the most and suitable manner with good quality and within the estimated schedule.
  • Positively construct the Civil Section better and better.


  1. For project:
  • Execute Preliminary Engineering
  • Survey
  • Topographic survey
  • Soil investigation
  • Planning
  • Site preparation / grading level
  • Piling
  • Building including HVAC
  • Steel Structure/ Pipe Rack
  • Equipment foundation
  • Pit and pond
  • Road and Paving
  • Trench
  • Sewer, Fence and Gate
  • Engineering Specification
  • Utility consumption for Building
  • Develop Detail Engineering
  • Strength calculation for the above
  • Arrangement drawing and detail drawing
  • V.A.C design
  • Bill of material take off
  • Support to Procurement activity
  • Recommend appropriate sub-contractors
  • Prepare technical part of inquiry
  • Requisition
  • Bill of Quantity of Material
  • Technical specification
  • Drawings
  • Prepare technical bid tabulation of received sub-contractor quotation
  • Clarification and negotiation of technical parts
  • Prepare technical part of purchase odder
  • Attend meeting with selected vendor
  • Expedite vendor documents
  • Quality control

(a)        Prepare technical requirement for inspection and test

  • Suggest technical measures in case of nonconformity
  • Engineering services for construction
    • Prepare technical specification for construction work
    • Provide clarification of design, specification and other technical requirements.
    • Maintain close communication and coordination with the field and be available for technical consultation
    • Perform critical inspection of the work as required by the field
    • Develop “as built drawing” to represent actual construction.
  • Support to other disciplines as required
  1. For Proposal
  • Study technical documents and clarify ambiguous points with concerned disciplines
  • Execute preliminary engineering required for estimating the cost and for proposal technical book
  • Estimate man-hour for engineering work
  • Contact sub-contractors to get quotations
  • Complete cost estimation
  1. For routine activities
  • Build technical database and vendor database to serve for project and proposal.
  • Continuously collect and consolidate design materials system.
  • Continuously improve professional skill to increase design productivity.
  • Participate in training activity


  • University Graduated as Civil Engineer.
  • English: level B
  • Computer skill: MS Office, Auto-Cad, some design application software.

CONTACT: Please contact to Nguyen Thi Ly at