Cost Efficiency / Value Engineering Workshops

A Cost Efficiency / Value Engineering Workshop facilitated by an IntES Consultant can help to challenge the paradigms in an existing operation or in a proposed new project. In a project, value engineering cannot only reduce the initial capital costs and future running costs but also improve the design without detriment to the performance.

A deep dive into an existing operations cost structure can yield not only ongoing cost reductions into the existing business but can lead to a new approach to utilize in future or planned new projects, reducing the new cost base into a much more profitable direction.

In general Value Engineering / Cost Efficiency Workshops deliver benefits which can be measured in sales volume, lower total installed costs, lower unit cost of manufacturing or performance enhancement.

About the Cost Efficiency / Value Engineering Workshop:

Introducing our consultants with their vast experience in Operations and Projects avoids any blindness from people already closely associated with the project or operation. We can ask the difficult but necessary questions and challenge the pre-held beliefs that might be preventing a breakthrough in approach and thinking.

A Value Engineering or Cost Efficiency workshop will typically last from 1 day to 1 week depending on the scope of work and depth of deep-dive. The workshop is entirely specific to the project in question.

Who is involved?

For value engineering, all disciplines involved in the Project as well as some key business leaders should take park in the workshop. Value engineering requires technical knowhow but also benefits from the creative thinking of project team members and the project sponsors.

For Cost Efficiency workshops we involve key members of Operations including section leaders, plant managers, site managers, and senior operators, all of whom often have excellent input to such workshops.

Our Consultants

We have highly experienced consultants available to assist clients in working their way through the value engineering process and in assisting clients to review their cost base. They have worked in industry in senior roles in multi-national companies and have extensive experience in setting up and managing the various stages of a project as well as in cost and organizational restructuring programs. Find out more about our consultants on our Business Consultancy page.

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