Introduction To Project Management

This programme is designed as a foundation course in project management methods and techniques for staff who work in a major project or a multi-project/multi-task environment. Our project management training provides a review of the key concepts of project management and presents a range of essential tools and techniques for managing projects and multiple project work assignments.


The principal training objectives for this programme are to:

  • Present the essential requirements for successful project management.
  • Explain the project life cycle, typical project management terminology and the value of using stage gate approach.
  • Show how to engage stakeholders and formulate customer requirements.
  • Demonstrate how to create realistic plans and manage associated risks.
  • Present methods for maintaining progress and controlling changes.
  • Provide some techniques to help manage multiple project assignments.
  • Show the importance of inter-personal skills in achieving success.

At the conclusion of this two-day workshop, delegates should be:

  • Confident in applying project management concepts.
  • Ready to apply project stage-gate processes.
  • Competent in the key techniques needed for project work.
  • Aware of the pre-requisites for managing multiple projects.
  • Able to contribute to larger projects.
  • Able to use a range of tools provided to support effective project management.

Training Methodology

The programme is a mix of tutorial presentations, case studies, individual exercises and syndicate team activities. The tutorials cover the key principles and practical methods for managing project work assignments while the exercises illustrate how the principles can be applied.

The course is designed to be interactive and to encourage participants to engage in discussion of issues relevant to their own role. Session timings and the sequencing of content is flexible to match the particular training needs of the group.

Our Training Consultant

Our senior training consultant has over thirty years project management experience from the client perspective, with specific expertise in large complex engineering & operational projects in different regions around the globe. Quite simply, Richard has been there and done it, and now offers his first-hand experience and lessons learned from a long successful career in this field. His vast experience of project management and lean manufacturing coupled with working in senior positions for multinational companies makes him ideally placed to provide unique and valuable insights. Find out more about our training consultant, Richard Wall, on our Training Courses page.

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