Announcing the New IntES Office in Cambodia

We are delighted to officially announce the opening of the new IntES office in Cambodia!

Growing into Cambodia has been a long-standing goal of ours which we are excited to be realising at the start of this year. As with most IntES business decisions, the move has been very much driven by our clients’ needs, for whom having engineering consultants on hand with local knowledge and global experience will be a real benefit. We’re pleased to say the new office has been met with a great deal of support from our clients, particularly those who’s projects are already being executed by us in the country. We can’t wait to bring our knowledge and experience of industrial projects (both process engineering and civil engineering) to Cambodian projects and support both our local and global clients here.

Cambodia: A Rising Hotspot for Industry

So, why Cambodia? Cambodia’s economy is now in a new phase of growth which has been consistent and considerable over the last ten years. Moving from its prior dependency on raw materials and tourism towards a new focus of industry and export, industrial engagements now constitute around 31% of Cambodia’s GDP. This development of industry is directed in the majority towards Food & Beverage, Building Construction and Textiles fields, which have seen considerable growth in the last 3 years. As such, with all this industrial development, there is a great need for professional engineers and consultants like IntES, who can help coordinate the specialist infrastructure of these developments and introduce world-class engineering from the outset. And with a particular area of our expertise, Food & Beverages, being a “trend of economic development” in Cambodia, we are uniquely placed to help clients in this market, as indeed we already are with a number of clients with projects in Cambodia. Not only are we extremely pleased to be able to be ‘on-the-spot’ for our clients here, but we are also thrilled to be contributing our engineering consulting services to the shaping of this new industrial field of Cambodia.

Projects in Cambodia

Presently we are already working on the 19.5 hectare Hanuman Brewery project in Kandal Province, as well as projects for Cambrew and others. Global brands around the world are seeing Cambodia as an attractive developing market, and we are now perfectly positioned to support them with all their engineering and project management requirements. In short, we will provide a one-stop-shop in Cambodia to ensure all their new engineering developments and ventures are completed smoothly.

Our Service & Aspirations in Cambodia

As with all our endeavours, the new IntES office in Cambodia will provide world-class professional project management, engineering, and construction management services to our clients with our experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Being physically placed in Cambodia in our new location will allow us to provide a fast response to our clients’ needs when they require highly-skilled consultants and our professional engineering service. We have big plans in Cambodia and our aim is to become the leading engineering and consulting company of industrial projects in the country.

Contact Us in Cambodia

If you’d like to know more about our operations and services in Cambodia, or perhaps you have a project you would like to discuss with us; our Project Director of IntES Cambodia, Mr Giang Nguyen, would be delighted to hear from you:

Or Contact Our Cambodia Office via the website