Life After COVID-19: How IntES Can Support Your Company.

If you would like more information on our lead consultants Alpay Cholak and Richard Wall, we invite you to look at their biography. Consultancy Services COVID-19

Alpay Cholak: Our Expert in the Food and Beverage Market

Richard Wall: Our Expert in the Fine Chemicals Market

Over the past few months, many companies have felt the impact of COVID-19. Whether it is felt financially or through the measures that were taken to ensure everyone’s safety, our daily lives were disrupted and put on hold. Our way of life changed abruptly and our competence to adapt to the new situation was put to the test. Eventually, a new normal was born, where social distancing is key. Consultancy Services COVID-19

IntES was quick to respond to the crisis. Offices were temporarily shut down and everyone was ordered to work from home. It was a necessary response to a devastating pandemic that swept the world. As the months passed by and it became clear that COVID-19 would not be eradicated in the foreseeable future, companies began looking long term. How do work sites and offices look like? How can these places of work be as productive and safe whilst following the new safety guidelines? 

There are many challenges towards survival, recovery and starting to thrive once again. Namely the: 

  • Cost structure for the future – including organisational restructuring, new shift patterns. 
  • Factory layout to achieve social distancing and reduced manual handling. 
  • How to find alternative uses for under-utilised manufacturing lines. 
  • Increasing the level of automation to bring efficiency improvements and reduce manual labour. 

Whilst some companies will have the internal resources to support the required recovery programmes, others simply do not have the skills required, or even if they do, these resources will be in great demand and will be stretched to the limitThe reality is that these resources will not be allocated equally across all the places of work. Instead these resources will most likely be given to high value sites.  Consultancy Services COVID-19

This however should not be the case. At IntESexpierence has taught us that the lower value sites can bring in greater improvements than the high value sites when right and effective changes are implemented. If these changes are implemented across all the lower value sites, the result will be much larger than the higher value sites. Lower value sites are easily ignored but IntES believes that these sites are just as important to pay attention to. A bunch of lower value sites together can bring in more than one high value site. 

IntES can parachute the needed resources into your organisation. These resources come in the
form of
 the strong consulting expertise between our two lead consultants: Alpay Cholak and Richard Wall. Together they have nearly 80 years of experience. Behind Alpay and Richard stand professional engineers, designers and planners within the IntES support team with their own impressive CV’s. 

Our lead consultants will be the bridge between operational expertise and EPCM. With their knowledge and expertise they will help your team making well thought out decisions and plans to help your company figure out how to navigate their sites efficiently and securely. 

How can IntES help companies move forward? IntES can: 

  • Do cost and restructuring reviews to search for new opportunities. 
  • Make a factory layout review to enable distancing 
  • Look at means of utilising available capacity caused by reduction in demand  
  • Do a Start Up and Shut Down Processes review to minimise loss time. 
  • Any other support that comes from our extensive experience in the Food & beverage and Fine Chemicals industries. 

Many firms have initially been blindsided but are now establishing a clear path to survival, recovery, renewed profitability and sustainability is the next stage.