IntES Opens a New Office in Indonesia

We are hugely excited to officially announce that IntES now has a dedicated office in Indonesia! Our new office and dedicated team are situated in the heart of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, and are already hard at work attending our clients and ongoing projects in the region.

Continued Growth for IntES

Our expansion into Indonesia this summer follows another successful new office opening in Cambodia at the beginning of the year. Our growth plan is continuing exactly as intended and we’re delighted that Indonesia is the next area of development for IntES. As our first office in the Southern Hemisphere, this marks an important step in our company’s continuing global journey, and a wonderful milestone to celebrate.

IntES has already been involved in a number of projects in Indonesia before incorporating an entity in Jakarta. As always, this decision was born out of consideration for our clients and how we can continue to improve our service for them. By opening a new dedicated office in Indonesia, we are better able to serve our clients’ needs both by being ‘on-the-spot’ for projects in the country and by having that additional local knowledge to add into the mix.

Many of our existing customers we have served elsewhere in Asia and globally are also present in Indonesia, thus this move has been met with much support and been very well received by those clients operating in Indonesia, as well as those looking to move into the area. Our clients in the country include those from the agricultural industry, food & beverage, chemical and other industrial sectors.

Why Indonesia?

Indonesia has seen huge investment and growth of its manufacturing sector over the last decade, to the point that it now accounts for nearly 20% of GDP and is by far the largest area of the country’s economy ( The government has a masterplan for national industrial development which is progressing well and includes 3 main areas of focus: added value to the agriculture, energy and mineral industries, the upscaling of human resources and technological & infrastructural improvements.

This push on industrialization makes Indonesia a very attractive opportunity for manufacturers, with government policies that are highly conducive to industrial development from both domestic companies within Indonesia as well as highly attractive for foreign investors. As such we have seen steadily increasing interest in Indonesia from our clients, with a number of our projects already underway in the country and more being planned in the pipeline. We will always make ourselves available wherever our clients need us, and opening our office in Indonesia is certainly the right way to do that.

Our Services in Indonesia

All IntES services are available through our new office in Jakarta. From our celebrated client-centric engineering consultancy and project management on large CAPEX projects, to smaller but no less important troubleshooting solutions.

As with all IntES offices, the Indonesia office will collaborate with all our IntES engineers from our offices around the globe; effectively sharing expertise to ensure our clients have a consistent experience of top-quality engineering, whichever office they have most contact with. This includes our offices in Europe, Africa, other countries in Asia and of course our High Value Engineering Centre (HVEC) in Vietnam. In this way we ensure we utilize the very best teams and individual experience and specialisms from the whole of IntES worldwide for our clients’ specific and individual project needs, bringing together local knowledge and project-proximity with a global engineering perspective to achieve outstanding outcomes for all our clients.

Explore our full range of engineering consultancy services, all of which are available from our Jakarta office.

A Dedicated Team

Our superb team in the IntES Indonesia office will be led by Mr Muhammad Nasrudin. Nasrudin joins IntES with a wealth of experience in managing large CAPEX projects across Indonesia, particularly in the industrial and energy markets, as well as food & beverage and others. With a great deal of EPCM project management experience and strong background in a whole host of specialist engineering disciplines, not to mention his proactive, agile and can-do attitude; we are thoroughly delighted to welcome him to the IntES family.

Establishing IntES Indonesia demonstrates our commitment to our client-centric approach. To get closer to our clients, to understand more about our clients’ problems, and providing solutions with our multinational engineering experts.
– Muhammad Nasrudin, IntES Indonesia

Get in Touch With Our New Office in Indonesia!

With our strong, dedicated team in Indonesia, we look forward bringing exceptional value to our clients along with world-class engineering capabilities, overall market knowledge and industry-specific expertise. We welcome you to get in touch with our team in Indonesia, who will be happily ready to answer any questions you may have about our new office, or indeed about your next project in Indonesia and how we can help.

New Office in Indonesia New Office in Indonesia New Office in Indonesia

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