Merry Christmas in 2021!

We are wishing all our clients, our team, and all you reading this post; a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!

Already 2 crazy years behind us, where COVID still affecting us severely in different countries in very unpredictable ways. But one thing we can predict for sure is that our resilient team in Vietnam always find a way to celebrate! The Christmas party is on!! After a long and severe lock down in Vietnam, we are happy that Christmas can be celebrated together.

Unlike for example in The Netherlands where the Christmas dinner had been cancelled at the end, we will be stronger as ever and make the very best out of it in each of our other offices, whether that will be in Shanghai, Zengzhou, Shenzhen, Abidjan, Jakarta or Phnom Penh.

We are just grateful so many clients putting their trust in us for, that makes IntES a stable home for our employees.

Santa in our Ho Chi Minh office