Pharmaceuticals Engineering Services – New Pharma Clients in Vietnam

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our offering of pharmaceuticals engineering services! We’re bringing our unique expertise in this area to help two, yet to be disclosed, world-leading pharmaceutical clients. Both clients have just signed on for our construction management services on two new projects; a greenfield plant and plant expansion project in Vietnam.

The greenfield project will be a 20,000m2 manufacturing facility of medical tubing in the centre of Vietnam on a total plant size of 8HA. And the expansion project will be an addition to two existing manufacturing plants in Hanoi producing intravenous infusion solutions, dialysis concentrates and medical devices.

About the Pharmaceutical Market in Vietnam:

Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market has been increasing at a rapid pace, reaching a compound annual growth rate of over 10% since 2015. The global pandemic caused a dip on the growth trend in 2020, but market analysts expect a speedy recovery and growth of up to 15% during 2021. The expansion of this market is a natural development for a country with an aging population, high urban population and rapidly growing income capital. If the Vietnamese market maintains this forecasted growth trajectory, Vietnam could become an important regional pharmaceutical export hub in the near future.

The Vietnamese government aims to increase the share of locally produced pharmaceuticals from 45% to 80%, supporting the objective with incentives and policies which facilitate growth in the industry. Although the industry is at a nascent stage, there is significant up-size potential.

Challenges & Opportunities Faced by the Pharmaceuticals Market:

The capabilities of Vietnam’s domestic pharmaceutical industry are still limited. Today, most of the local pharmaceutical companies focus on producing generic medicines with imported Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Currently, up to 90% of APIs needed in Vietnam are imported due to the lack of local supply.

Although Vietnamese R&D capabilities are limited, most analysts forecast that there is an upcoming shift from pharmaceutical production to a more research-based industry in Vietnam. Local companies are searching for foreign partners to bring much needed know-how to the country. This will open up opportunities for foreign pharmaceutical companies to enter to the market via merge or acquisition. IntES has extensive experience working with brownfield projects, factory expansion and upgrades to bring acquired production facilities up to the international standards and efficiency levels required.

About IntES’ Pharmaceuticals Engineering Services:

IntES offers wide range of pharmaceuticals engineering and advisory services for pharmaceutical clients, with a high focus on emerging pharmaceutical markets in Southeast Asia. In addition to our own IntES experts, we are also collaborating with carefully selected partners with decades of experience working for the world-leading pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical industry is known for its understandably essential strict regulations and requirements that companies must follow to ensure safe and effective products for patients. IntES supports pharmaceutical clients to setup their production facilities to comply with all local regulatory requirements and according to Good Manufacturing Practises (EU-GMP, PIC/S-GMP).

Our approach with our pharmaceuticals engineering services is to proactively work together with all stakeholders, including various regulatory bodies, to eliminate unnecessary work and expenses. By thoroughly understanding our clients’ complex challenges and ambitious goals, we customize our service to match those specific demands. We always commit to project schedules and proactively identify and solve issues which may jeopardize the project completion date, risk technical or regulatory compliance requirements, or cause a safety concern.

We are a trusted engineering consultants who will be collaboratively implementing pharmaceutical CAPEX investments for our clients. We are known for our tailored approach bearing in mind the strict processes we must adhere to in this sector, which is why these two new world-leading pharmaceutical clients have chosen us. We are excited and proud of these new additions to our project portfolio and we are looking forward to our part in the advancement of this fast developing sector.