Construction Management for B. Braun Haemodialysis Factory

Project Overview:

Client: B. Braun Vietnam Co. Ltd.
Project: Haemodialysis Factory
Where: Thanh Oai Industrial Complex, Hanoi, Vietnam
IntES Services: Construction Management (Quality, schedule, cost, co-ordination) and Safety Management

About B. Braun:

B. Braun, a world-renowned producer of medical and pharmaceutical products and product systems, has chosen IntES to manage the construction of their new factory in Thanh Oai Industrial Complex, Hanoi.

A global leader in the healthcare industry servicing both specialist and general hospitals, clinics, physicians and practices all around the world; B. Braun has a product portfolio of thousands of different products which they manufacture themselves in specialist facilities. Their product portfolio covers product systems for anaesthesia, intensive care, cardiology, surgery, and extracorporeal blood treatment – the latter of which being produced in this latest factory in Hanoi.

With sustainability firmly embedded in their company values, B. Braun innovate and develop their products and services to improve patient health and high-quality healthcare provision. With each new factory like this one, they look to optimise processes, increase safety and in a sustainable way improve the value proposition for their medical clients; in order to provide new medical solutions in an affordable and sustainable way. This new factory therefore is no exception, and this firm sense of responsibility in this area is shared by IntES.

About the Project:

IntES was employed for the construction management of a cost-effective factory building to accommodate a manufacturing capacity of 2.5million units of liquid Haemodialysis concentrate product in 10 litre canisters. The project also takes into consideration B. Braun’s intention for further expansion of the facility at a later stage. This new factory will produce products mainly for customers in Asia Pacific and Europe.

The project included production processes, quality control facilities (such as laboratories and other specific specialist areas), a warehouse for the short-term storage of necessary raw materials and also storage for finished products. Being a medical production facility, as you would expect, IntES is responsible for ensuring the highest standards are met, including meeting all authority, government codes and regulations according to law both locally in Vietnam and internationally; as well as meeting B. Braun’s own impeccable quality standards.

IntES managed the entire construction process including quality management, scheduling and overall co-ordination of contractors, equipment providers, partners and suppliers. We were also been given responsibility for the safety management throughout. With material prices increasing, as well as logistics prices, the timing for importing equipment was even more crucial than ever before – as such were also asked to support by helping to manage the costs of the construction, keeping the project cost-effective.

Why B. Braun chose IntES:

We were delighted that B. Braun appointed us for this project. With IntES’ capacity and specialist capabilities in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector, our client felt we were extremely well placed to manage this project. With quality paramount, our values, experience and understanding of Vietnamese codes, standards and requirements as well as international industry standards was highly valuable to the project.

Additionally, since we are very well aligned with B. Braun’s way of working and their own standards, plus our Hanoi office being located very near to the new project site, the fit with B. Braun’s team has been seamless. We find working with B. Braun to be very enjoyable and collaborative, all making for a superb high-quality project outcome with exceptional construction quality.

Project Outcome:

The construction on this project is now complete and has been handed over to the client to become fully operational. We are proud to have achieved the exceptional construction quality we are known for producing, meeting all authority, government codes & regulations, and laws of Vietnam as well as international safety and quality standards. Further manufacturing operation expansion steps are planned at this facility in the coming years, and we look forward to supporting B. Braun in their future projects.

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