DORCO – Multidisciplinary Design & Engineering

DORCO has planned for the new packaging, printing, pressing and slitting process for which we have completed the design and engineering of their new factory in Hoa Mac industrial zone, Ha Nam province, Vietnam. The new factory which will be built on 1.6 ha of land will initially start with phase 1 on 6000 m2 of construction area, with the reserve of phase 2 being 4000 m2.

DORCO is world-renowned for their innovation in the shaving market, a house-hold name with customers in over 130 countries. Since 1955 they have been working to improve and develop the once humble razor blade into a plethora of superior and ingenious options for shavers around the globe. From their pioneering inventions of the curved blade, the six-blade & seven blade razor, it’s no wonder DORCO is now one of the most recognised and popular shaving brands in the world.

IntEs was assigned the task to provide the multidisciplinary design and engineering works for the new factory which included:

  • Topographic survey & soil investigation survey
  • Architectural & Structural Engineering
  • HVAC
  • Fire-fighting standard requirement: Walmart standard and Local standards
  • Infrastructure and plumbing
  • Road and pavement
  • Domestic water supply system (water treatment plant process shall be by others)
  • Sewage system and treatment
  • Waste water (waste water treatment process (if any) shall be by others)
  • Storm water & storm water treatment facilities
  • Electrical (non-process electrical system)
  • Power supply (from main LV distribution downstream)
  • Lighting
  • Lightning protection
  • Earthing / grounding
  • Communication
  • Alarm system
  • CCTV design
  • Landscape (limit to grass)

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