Engineering Consultancy

IntES is an engineering consultancy firm who does not believe in working with one single approach. It is our belief that by keeping an open mind and listening to the input of our clients, employees and specialists we can provide a versatile approach in how we handle the work that we are given. We are a multifaceted company that is not prejudiced to follow a single method. The idea is to adjust to our clients’ needs so that they are facilitated to participate in other matters and are able to get the client-centric advice for their CAPEX projects. Below you will see two of the various approach services we use.

EPCM Approach

We are an engineering consultancy, offering a full range of high-value EPCM services; a “start-to-finish” approach consisting out of project management services, engineering consultancy services for buildings and building servicesprocess plant engineering, the procurement services, construction management, commissioning and start up services and consultancy services. It is used for projects ranging in the sectors energy, industry & manufacturing projects, food & beverage, fine chemicals, storage & terminals and pharmaceutical.

Overall strategy for EPCM services should have at least the following main objectives:

  • To deliver a reliable, safe and high performance plan in accordance with the client’s requirement.
  • To ensure the initial acceptance & commissioning on the contract effective date.
  • To provide quality engineering deliverables at time to the construction team at site to avoid construction clashes between various parties on site and to minimize rework.
  • To facilitate the construction will be achieved according schedule.

Engineering Consultancy Integrated Team Approach

Over the years new business concepts have been introduced to enhance the productivity of the company. These business concepts have spread across many different companies. Due to these fresh concepts it has changed how we manage industrial projects today. Companies have gradually cut their manpower during the last decade and tasks that do not have a direct contribution to the primary production process are no longer carried out by own personnel but are outsourced to service companies. Personnel who are essential to the company because of their specific knowledge of the company’s production processes are transferred directly to the production department. Because of this, personnel work closely together to ensure optimal performance. It is now easier than ever to share knowledge with each other and this has created an integrated approach.

It is obvious that this change in the company’s organisation affects the way in which engineering companies have to perform. IntES will be able dealing with this and promote a way of teamwork that was tested on many of IntES projects and its clients. We have the necessary capabilities, professional talent, universal reach and capital to offer our clients fully-integrated project delivery services that set new standards in quality, value, timeliness and cost efficiency.

Please contact our team for a tailored approach;

from a client centric perspective.