Project Health Checks

Sometimes projects start to go in the wrong direction. This can be due to many reasons ranging from unclear scopes, unrealistic expectations, inadequate organisation and controls or just simply lack of competence or experience of the staff.

Whether you have concerns about an existing project, or you just need peace of mind to reassure you that a project is progressing well, then a project health check can be a good idea. A health check can be done in any stage of a project but ideally suited to be done at the end of a project phase, before a new phase begins.

What is involved in a Project Health Check?

A Project Health Check will typically be completed in 2-3 days depending on the complexity of the project and will require access to and cooperation from key members of the client and contractor team in order to get a thorough analysis of the project situation. This will involve:

  • Review of an existing project organization, governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Series of interviews with key members of the client and contractor team.
  • Use of checklists to address 6 key elements of a project (goals, plans, effective organisation, pro-active controls, genuine teamwork and appropriate leadership).
  • Can include a review of project safety if required.
  • Review of Project Risk Assessment and plans.


The deliverables for this consultancy service include:

  • A Recommended Actions Report
  • Project Health Check Rating

Our Consultants:

We have senior consultants available to lead project health checks. They have worked in industry in senior roles in multi-national companies and have extensive experience in projects looking from the client’s perspective. They have seen and sometimes experienced many of the pitfalls that can befall a project and so know can recognize the early warning signs of a project in trouble and provide tried and tested solutions to get you back on track. Find out more about our consultants on our Business Consultancy page.

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