Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering plays an essential role in society’s infrastructure development. When it comes to each civil project we undertake for our clients, the first thing our IntES team does is to comprehensively understand our clients’ needs and take steps to define the most efficient approach, thereby ensuring that our clients’ projects are executed at the most economical cost for the highest quality.

Our Strengths

Regardless of how many aspects of the project our clients require our support with, our IntES engineering team are there, passionate about their work and dedicated to completing every project stage on-time, on-budget, to global quality standards. As well as full EPCm services, we offer the following specialist civil engineering services for our valued clients:

  • Road layout and design
  • Drainage system design
  • Sewage system design
  • Master layout
  • Civil engineering design of all foundations, roads, culverts, bunds, drainage etc.
  • Laser surveys and measurements
  • Design to various stages – feasibility, through detailed G.A’s and final detailed design
  • Constructability reviews involving other disciplines and site contractors.

Civil engineering by IntES

What makes us your must-choice partner in Civil Engineering?

As experienced consultants supporting varied clients all around the world for years, IntES has professionals who are dedicated to delivering outstanding projects with our expertise in Civil Engineering services. Our IntES team is glad to:

  • Provide a full EPCm package of Civil Engineering services in Southeast Asia, China, Europe and Africa
  • Complete every project to the highest-quality international engineering standards
  • Utilise varied engineering tools and software to achieve the best outcome, including AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, Robot Structural Analysis, Navisworks and Inventor.
  • Monitor project progress closely to ensure that every part of our scope of work meets our clients’ and our own high expectations.
  • Present efficient, innovative, constructible solutions working around the live plan.
  • Apply our specialised approach, tailored to suit each individual project using the most effective engineering tools.
  • Achieve significant budget savings for our clients when applied with High Value Engineering.
  • Co-operate closely with process vendors to clearly understand design information and requirements.
  • Ensure Safety in Design is a core component of every aspect of the project.

Civil engineering by IntES

Our Process

To deliver our clients’ qualified civil engineering projects with multiple complex parts, we focus on forming a consistent & reliable process for our work which we tailor to fit each of our clients’ unique requirements.

First, our selected team will have a meeting to fully understand our client’s requirements for the project and collect vital input information. This will be the project scope, work breakdown, cost estimation, timeline and much more. Our IntES team, which includes experienced Project Managers and skilled Engineers, will discuss in-depth to clarify the expectations of the project in terms of technical and commercial objectives. We then also conduct a site survey to gather the necessary information for our approach. Expected results are clearly laid out at the very beginning of the process.

Following this, our team will present the concept design within an agreed time. Once approved by the client, our Engineers work together to deliver the basic design, followed by the detailed design, which is presented for the tender stage.

How the next steps are processed depends on the scope of the project that is awarded by the client. The project can be taken on to the construction stage by the contractor previously chosen by the client or our IntES team will assist in shortlisting dependable contractors and support in the decision-making process if required. Our team is always committed to ensuring the project reaches the best possible completion and follows the project’s progress closely until it is fully complete.

Experienced in a plethora of multidisciplinary engineering projects, we are our clients’ trusted one-stop partner with both knowledge, skill, and spirit. Read more here to learn more about our projects. To find out more about our civil engineering services and to discuss how we can help with your next project, please contact us.