Engineering Consultancy Services

When a project is given to us, we will go beyond the technology and we will build on the performance of your business. That starts long before the design and in the initial preparation stage. There you can see the strength of our integrated approach. Together we will look deep into the core processes where it is necessary: we will analyse the opportunities, test your wishes and compare the possibilities. Because we are a fresh pair of eyes looking into the daily operation, we are able to distance ourselves and thus gain new insights and see new possibilities which we can translate into efficient solutions. consultancy services

To support our clients as best as possible, we offer the following services:

  • Feasibility Studies & Master Planning
  • 3D Modelling services
  • Fire & Explosion Risk Management Consulting
  • Energy Performance Studies
  • Logistics Studies
  • Site Selection & Due Diligence Services
  • Permitting with third party support
  • Environment and Sustainability Consultancy
  • Validation Services
  • GMP/EU GMP/FDA compliance consulting.

Please contact our team for a tailored approach;

from a client centric perspective.