Want to change your production environment? It starts with 3D modelling!

Implementing changes in your production environment is something that requires careful consideration and close inspection. With the right tools, software and expertise, IntES ensures that your required adjustments are perfectly planned, prepared and presented, down to the finest level of detail. And this all starts with our 3D modelling.

3D modelling by IntES Engineering Consultants

What is 3D Modelling?

Suppose you want to make an adjustment to your production process line. This needs to be planned with precision. With the help of 3D drawing, IntES ensures that this is analysed and planned down to the smallest detail. We produce a 3D drawing which is an exact representation of your production site as it is, showing all line work with a visual representation of all the required information to start making adjustment decisions. Together with you, we discuss the adjustments to be made and then work this out in the 3D model, showing exactly how the changes can be achieved.

When the 3D drawing is ready and your adjustments finalised, it’s time to translate it into an isometric drawing. The isometric drawing is many times more detailed even than the 3D model, because it also contains information such as different sizes, lengths of pipes, valves and bends etc. The isometric drawing is then invaluable to the contractors who will be working on your site when these changes are made.

3D modelling by IntES Engineering Consultants

The 3D Scan: the starting point for 3D modelling

But how do we ensure that our 3D models exactly match the real situation? That’s where the 3D scan comes in. We use a device intended for this purpose to take photos of your production environment. The device rotates 360 degrees in the entire area to map it from all angles. This then creates a point cloud. Everything is put together with the help of specialist software, so that an overall picture of your production environment is created.

Everything we subsequently draw in the 3D model can then be verified with the point cloud. This allows us to accurately recreate the actual situation to exact measurements. In many (mainly older) companies, existing 3D drawings do not always match the reality of the production environment. However, by making a 3D scan of the factory (or a specific part of the production area), we know exactly what we are working with and what we are going to do.

3D modelling by IntES Engineering Consultants

Smart Systems Linked to 4D and 5D Modelling

What’s more is all these scans, drawings and 3D models are not done in isolation, the whole process is incredibly smart. Why? Because the 3D models are directly linked to the isometric drawings, so they can be updated automatically when we make changes to the 3D model. Furthermore, these 3D models are also linked to 4D and 5D modelling too. Where supply and installation costings are required for a project, we add cost information to each of the elements of the 3D model, which can again be updated and changed as required to help control costs on a project; this is known as 5D modelling. Similarly, the 3D model contains the information and intelligence needed to create a reliable simulation of installation sequences and executions required by project partners, enabling a schedule to be generated in advance and allow for progress control during the installation phase. This is known as 4D modelling. All of this is linked together automatically, making it smart, incredibly efficient and ultimately saving you crucial time, whilst also providing an indispensable resource for the future.

Are you curious about what IntES can do for your company with 3D modelling? We would be happy to talk to you. Contact your local IntES office and speak to a member of our team.

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