Service of Quantitative Risk Analysis

The storage and transportation of hazardous material imposes risks to the surrounding population and structures, both in the urban environment and at (petro-)chemical facilities. Today, these risks can be quantified, and highest risk scenarios can also be easily identified. Our service of Quantitative Risk Analysis can be used for evaluation of high-risk activities, urban planning and to comply with regulatory and corporate criteria.

Quantitative Risk Analysis

While Consequence Analysis calculates the physical effects of a single accident with a dangerous substance, a Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA) takes multiple accident scenarios and many different pieces of equipment into account and quantifies the total risks they pose to human life and vital assets. Calculated risks are expressed in terms of individual, societal and consequence risk. The latter allows the definition of any type of risk to both human health and structures.

Comprehensive Presentation of Results

The calculation results can be presented in a range of ways, from the physical effects of the individual scenarios to the resulting iso-risk curves. FN curves for societal risks and risks ranking reports, The software’s highly flexible method allows you to accumulate any part of the calculation results and compare it to any other part. To further analyze the results, “analysis points” can be offered to inspect risk contribution of scenarios in specific geographic locations.

Societal Risk Map

The “Societal Risk Map”: is a geographical representation of societal risk. This provides insight at a glance, even for non-specialists. Societal risk maps are offered as an additional representation and accompany the commonly known FN curves. They add the possibility to locate the area(s) that cause societal risk parameters to be exceeded, and to identify the areas that contribute most to risk.

Quantitative Risk Analysis map

FN curve shows societal risk on the map.

Highest risk result can be shown on the map.

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