Process Plant Engineering Services

Our process plant engineers will be involved in the planning of either completely new (process) plants, extensions or modernisation of an existing process plant. IntES engineers with their extensive knowledge of pipe class specifications to isometric drawings, of concept stage up to detailed engineering and commissioning support, will take complete care of the project both on and off site. Process plant engineering

  • Process Design
  • Piping & Infrastructure
  • Mechanical
  • Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Process Utilities
  • 3D scanning

Chemical Engineering Consultancy Process Plant

  • Consultancy Services
  • Providing feasibility studies and front end design for a range of process plants
  • Experienced in mass transfer, heat transfer, process systems and pressure relief
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Process and Functional Safety Services including HAZOP, LOPA, SIL Assessments
  • Plant [energy] optimization
A reactor in process plant

Piping Engineering Consultancy Process Plant

  • Piping general arrangements, routing and isometrics in 2-D and 3-D
  • Isometric drawings
  • Line lists / Piping schedules / Valve schedules / Tie in schedules
  • Piping feasibility studies
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Piping material specification
  • Equipment arrangements and pipe rack layout
  • Pipe support details
  • Piping material take offs
3D Model Piping

Mechanical Engineering Consultancy

  • Vessel design and assessments
  • Selection of equipment
  • Technical specifications for equipment procurement
  • Material selection (equipment and piping)
  • Materials handling systems
  • Utility services
  • Heat exchanger design and specification
  • PED validation and CE marked systems
3D Model of Mechanical Piping

Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Engineering Consultancy

  • Electrical Substations
  • LV / HV Switchboards
  • Conventional and Intelligent Motor Control Centres
  • E&I Panel Design
  • Lighting Systems
  • Specification of Electrical Equipment
  • Load Calculations and Transient Analysis
  • Fault and Protection Study

Instrumentation & Control Engineering Consultancy

  • Specification of Field Instrumentation / Valves
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (TÜV FS Engineers)
  • Hazardous Area Design (EX12 Certified Engineers)
  • Process / Plant Control Systems
  • Fire Detection and  HVAC Systems
  • Comprehensive Detailed Design for Construction
  • Electrical Safety Consultancy and Compliance Audits
Image of computer data

Laser Scanning an Ideal Solution for Brown Field Project Documentation

As the relative cost of Laser Scanners has reduced and their ease of use has improved, the gathering of accurate 3D data which is generated by the use of this extremely effective technology has spread rapidly across a wide range of industries. The high-precision, robustness and portability of modern Laser Scanners, along with their advanced ability to create graphics and dimensioned reproductions of large complex structures in great detail, has ensured the global proliferation of the technology within industrial areas, such as refineries, power plants and production facilities. Within these challenging sectors, Laser Scanning is found to be invaluable when designing, building, restructuring and extending technical facilities. IntES will work with partners for this service and implement it for our accurate design works. Process Plant Engineering

3D Model of piping

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