Procurement (for Construction Tendering Processes)

IntES normally considers the procurement stage to be the main responsibility of our clients, as often each company operates according its own processes.

IntES acts as an engineering consultant and will support our clients during the procurement process. This can be a separate service or be part of our EPCM services approach. For each project we will extensively discuss the clients requirements and procedures to ensure a cohesive approach. Together we will establish a procurement plan/strategy for the project. IntES will for example be responsible for tender packages and the technical evaluation hereof. It is our aim that IntES’s detailed design documentation will be detailed enough for the contractor to enter in contracts with fixed quantities and unit rates for variations.  We can advise our clients on the commercial and financial tender documentations according to current local law and regulations.

Support Procurement Process

As the consultant, we support our client in the following activities during the procurement process:

  • Setting up the Procurement Plan
  • Support on the Contractors Pre-qualification/Qualification: By Client or Other Consultant
  • Support on the Vendor list proposal: By Client or Other Consultant
  • Develop the Tenders documentation
  • Perform the Technical tender evaluations and recommendations: Commercial tender evaluation by Client or Other Consultant
  • Assist on Technical negotiation support
  • Perform the Contract Management during the project

Responsibilities of the Procurement Team

IntES will manage the tender packages and technical evaluation for these construction and equipments tender packages. IntES’s detailed design documentation will allow for the contractor to enable entering in contracts with fixed quantities and unit rates for variations. IntES will normally follow the clients direction on the commercial and financial tender procedure in accordance to their internal compliance processes and according to local law and regulations.

Our clients will jointly agree with IntES on establishing the procurement plan/strategy for the project.  The first intention of tender packages is to split the number of tender packages to an optimum, fitting the projects requirements. Depending from the details of the project, IntES will suggest to split the construction works to defined packages (civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, firefighting), which might result in time schedule and quantitative savings in the project construction costs.

Please contact our team for a tailored approach;

from a client centric perspective.