Structural Engineering

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural Engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the structure of a building. This field at IntES is considered to design the “bones and muscles” of the structures, in which the engineers are responsible for calculating the rigidity, stability, and strength of the building to withstand external factors such as wind or natural disasters, and internal factors, such as the static and dynamic weight of machineries, goods and of the people working in the building. In the modern day, with the application of many types of materials and technologies, structural engineering is applied in variable ways to satisfy each technical requirement.

 Structural Engineering At IntES

Are Structural Engineering and Architecture the same?

These two types of engineering are both crucial for constructing any structure. While Architecture is more about the design and the aesthetic aspect of the structure, Structural Engineering mainly deals with the technical aspect. Another distinguishing factor is that the architect works on the appearance, while the structural engineer prioritizes the strength and stability of the building. This is vital as it determines the structure’s ability to withstand deterioration or natural disasters and “survive” in both ordinary and extraordinary circumstances.

What Structural Engineering services does IntES offer?

  • Analysing blueprints, maps, reports, and topographical and geological data
  • Structure design drawing preparation
  • Structure specification preparation
  • Load and stress calculations, simulation, and report
  • Selecting appropriate construction materials
  • Providing technical advice
  • Survey and assessment of the structure of existing buildings

About our Structural Engineering services:

As a team of multidisciplinary experts, we have incorporated multiple approaches to our scope of work in the field of structural engineering. Our motto in every awarded project is to provide efficient solutions, appropriate and feasible methods, and adaptable procedures. Simultaneously, we propose the most cost-effective approach with high-quality results. To achieve this, we make the best use of engineering software such as Revit, AutoCAD, Robot Structural Analysis, Sketchup, Inventor, Navisworks, etc. We execute each step carefully so as not to waste any resources, time, or client investment. Our effective and professional procedure has gained highly positive feedback upon project completion from our clients.

Due to being awarded projects worldwide in many industries that involve structural engineering scope of work, we have gained a wide variety of valuable insights which our team applies to each new project.


If you have an upcoming project mind, please do share it with us and find out more about how we can support you on your project journey. We have the multidisciplinary engineering expertise you’re looking for, and we’d be honoured to be your project partner in structural engineering.