Engineering (Scope of Work)

1. FEED & Detailed Design in General

Based on the conceptual design provided by the client, IntES will make the FEED & Detailed Design in accordance with the applicable and stipulated norms.
The engineering documents at the Engineering Detailed Design stage will be detailed enough to enable the preparation of tender package(s).

2. Process Related Utilities Description

The preliminary PFDs and P&IDs, process equipment list with basic data will be provided by the client. The details of process equipment will be carried out by IntES, the design will ensure the smooth operation, safety, maintenance and constructability. Based on the detailed information of the required process related utilities, these utilities will be integrated in the overall utilities of the plant by IntES.
In parallel with developing PFDs, IntES will generate HMB (Heat & Material Balance) in order to calculate utility consumption, line sizing, and P&IDs development.

3. Process Engineering and Design

The IntES Process team shall design for below equipment and systems:

  • Blenders;
  • Mixers;
  • Planetary Mixers;
  • Reactors;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Condenser;
  • Mixer press;
  • Discharging stations;
  • Dust collection system;
  • Compressed Air system;
  • Hot / Cool Water system;
  • Nitrogen system;
  • Electrical Heater.

Tebodin Process team also take care of:

  • Process exhaust/ ventilation for production area;
  • Dust collection, and;
  • Waste gas emission treatment.

4. Mechanical Engineering and Design 

The IntES mechanical team will prepare mechanical datasheet and specifications for above process equipment & utilities system mentioned in Process design part.
The mechanical team will also prepare the Requisition for each package, which is enough for Equipment / Package tendering.

5. Civil & Structure Engineering and Design

Checking the RDF building design is done by Landlord to suit the clients requirement and local codes & regulations of the area.
Civil coordination between Building design and MEP design, to make sure no any clash between equipment, piping and civil structure, etc…
Design steel structure for equipment support structure platform, and equipment support, foundation.

6. Architect

Support discipline by create 3D Modelling in term of Building Architect, which is the base for MEP team to model the equipment & piping in case 3D Model option is required by the client. Architect team will also design the Office, Q/A Lab and Machine hall decoration, facilities layout.


HVAC team will design the HVAC system for Office and Building rooms. HVAC team also design the forced ventilation for building to make sure fresh air circulation. The HVAC design shall include the below deliverables.
• HVAC Schematic diagram
• HVAC Layout
• HVAC Specification
• HVAC Typical installation details
• Bill of Quantity

8. Piping Engineering and Design

For the piping design IntES will prepare the required documents:
• Key Plan
• Piping Specification
• Valves, special parts datasheets
• Equipment Layout
• Piping Arrangement
• Pipe support details
• Piping Isometrics
• Bill of Quantity

9. Electrical Engineering and Design

Lighting design for inside and outside building shall be taken care by Landlord, while IntES will take care Electrical design for process and equipment, the deliverables shall be as follows:
• General specification for electrical
• Single line diagram
• Electrical equipment layout
• Main cable route layout, cable tray routing layout for power, electrical, etc.
• Grounding system
• Power and control cable wiring layout for electrical, lighting, etc.
• Substation and panels
• Typical hook-up drawings, data sheets, cable list and specifications
• Bill of Quantity
IntES will also review the lighting design which is carried out by Landlord and make recommendation.

10. Instrumentation & Control

For the instrumentation & control design IntES will prepare the required documents:
• Instrument Index & I/O list
• Datasheet for Instrument
• Wiring connection list
• Instrument Cable schedule
• Main cable routing
• Typical instrument installation
• Bill of Quantity

The below optional services for engineering design shall be considered to be performed by IntES:

11. Firefighting

IntES will design the firefighting protection system.

12. 3D modelling

We provide a comprehensive range of 3D modeling services as an option:
• Preliminary 3D modelling for Architect, which is enough for MEP team to modelling for clash check.
• Equipment 3D modelling (process equipment/utilities equipment)
• Piping 3D modelling
• HVAC 3D modelling
• Structure 3D modelling
• Electrical and Cable trays 3D modelling

13. Full time engineer (client’s presentative) for coordination and supervision during engineering design and construction of Civil work (Landlord)

We offer to provide the client our civil & structure engineer who will be in position of client representative who monitor, check and coordinate during engineering design and construction stage of CSA work. This engineer will check and report direct to the client for any engineering activities from Landlord. This engineer also in position of coordination engineer between Civil, process, MEP and utilities design.

Please contact our team for a tailored approach;

from a client centric perspective.