Leadership in Operations Management

This training programme provides an intensive, two-day overview of the key elements of operations management, including an array of practical tips and tools to help managers be more proactive and effective in the operations management environment – whether that’s in an industrial manufacturing context or in operational leadership in the service sectors.

The aims of the programme are to:

  • Show where operations management fits into the organisation and the role of operations as a key element of the business.
  • Present the key elements and concepts of operations management.
  • Provide a structured approach for managing these different elements and concepts.
  • Demonstrate tools and techniques for effective and proactive operational leadership.
  • Give participants the confidence to take on a leadership role and make positive change.


At the end of the programme, participants will:

  • Understand the 6Cs approach to operations management.
  • Be able to apply a range of practical tools and techniques to improve their personal effectiveness towards being a more effective operations manager.
  • Be able to prepare an action plan for the critical first (or next) 100 days in their operational leadership role.


The programme is designed for managers who are about to become, or have very recently become, head of department or section, plant manager, site manager or any role where they are no longer the second in command but are now needing to step up to be the leader, set exemplary standards and effect positive change. It is also suitable for managers from other disciplines who are stepping into a leadership role in manufacturing or operations for the first time or after a break from operations.

Training Methodology

This practical two-day programme is highly participative, with numerous exercises and examples. Participants will be encouraged to raise current issues and concerns from their workplace to enable discussion of how concepts and elements can be implemented in practice.

Our Training Consultant

Our senior training consultant is himself a former senior leader from multinational organisations with over thirty years global operations management experience. Richard’s first-hand experience of operational management at a senior level together with specific expertise working on large scale manufacturing operations across Europe, Asia and Africa make him an extremely valuable and insightful trainer to learn from. Find out more about our training consultant, Richard Wall, on our Training Courses page.

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