IntES Appoints General Director

IntES has appointed Ronald de Vries as General Director starting per May 1st to further the development of the company, to expand on our business ventures and to continue the healthy performance of the company. Although this is a new phase and a new step in his career, Ronald has already worked with the majority of his IntES colleagues for many years.

Ronald has been in the Engineering Consultancy business for almost 30 years and is one of the founding investors and a main shareholder. He will be heading our operations in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany and the Netherlands. All these countries are familiar to him as prior to IntES, Ronald has worked in each of these countries for several years.

He has lived and worked in Aruba, The Netherlands, China, Vietnam and the UK and gained his experience in the engineering consultancy sector by working at Polytechnisch Ingenieurs Bureau in Aruba, at Tebodin for 18 years and the globally leading engineering firm WSP. With this new position, Ronald will take an active role in leading IntES into a promising future and build on the foundations set over the past years.

Our ambitions remain to be recognized by our clients as their trusted and quality partner, for being customer centric and above all to value and respect everyone around us. IntES trusts with this appointment that our employee owned company will be led into a solid and bright future. We are happy and keen to work together.

On behalf of the Shareholders.