Project Engineer

Job Title: Project Engineer
Type of Employment: Full-time
Salary Range: Negotiable
Location: The Netherlands (Office in Eindhoven, but remote-working opportunities possible).

Why Join Us:

These are many benefits and great reasons to become part of the IntES team. Find out more about working at IntES here. And of course you’re welcome to get in touch with us to find out more too!

Job Description:

  • Cooperate and communicate effectively with project manager and other project participants to provide assistance and technical support.
  • Review engineering deliverables and initiate appropriate corrective actions.
  • Assist in preparation and implementation of Project Execution Plan (PEP).
  • Assign responsibilities and mentor the project team.
  • Attend the Weekly Progress Meetings (Internal as well as with Client) and assist in preparation of Minutes Of Meetings.
  • Monitor work in progress and prepares weekly report of the status of each assignment.
  • Ensuring all procedures and calculations are submitted to the client for review and approval.
  • Coordinate with all project related team members on day-today progress of work activities, procurement and operations to ensure timely completion of the project.
  • Provide full support as required by the Management and Project Management Team for all projects.
  • Determining client’s requirements and translating them into an actionable plan by a team of workers.
  • Prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor the assigned engineering projects.
  • Assuring that all deadlines are being met.
  • Responding to any client complaints, concerns or requests throughout the project.
  • Monitor compliance to applicable codes, practices, QA/QC policies, performance standards and specifications.
  • Interact daily with the clients to interpret their needs and requirements and represent them in the field.
  • Perform overall quality control of the work (budget, schedule, plans, personnel’s performance) and report regularly on project status.


  • Bachelor or Master Degree in relevant discipline, preferably civil, mechanical, piping, electrical or instrumentation.
  • Fluent in Dutch and preferably working proficiency in English.
  • Preferably 3 years’+ experience at the same or equivalent position.
  • We invite candidates who gained their experience in an operating plant environment, as contractor or as engineering consultant.
  • For this position we are looking for candidates who are based in south of Netherlands from Eindhoven, Geleen, Weert to Roermond area.
  • Our work will never be boring while we work on assignments with our team at our office, or to join via Teams remotely and for sure to be on the spot where it all will happen, the the project location.
  • International assignments will be possible but only when this fits your own ambition and appetite.

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Project Engineer

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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