Project Manager

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Job title: Project Manager
Type of employment: Full-time
Level / Niveau: Experienced

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Job Description:


  • In compliance with company’s policy, establish project execution policy to secure the project target of project rearing, quality within the given time frame.
  • Develop and perform according an approved the Project Execution Plan and deliver the project accordingly.
  • PM reports to, and receives the administrative direction from, the Project Director. Reports to PM are the Engineering-, Procurement-, Construction-,Safety and Commissioning Managers.
  • PM is responsible for the overall execution of project including establishment of project quality plan and management of the Project.
  • PM is the leader of Project Management and provided project directions to ensure the effective and satisfactory performance of the Project.
  • PM is responsible for the coordinating and directing all on-site activities including construction, quality control of construction, field engineering pre-commissioning and commissioning, and site office support services at job site. The PM can delegate his responsibility and authority to his team reports.


1. Project execution management:

(a)Project launching management conduct:

  • Project earning target indication
  • Discuss and establish policies to deal with any discrepancies, and open items in the Contract

(b) Establish the project execution policy:

  • Contractual problems and action to be taken
  • Consortium operation policy
  • Engineering execution policy
  • Procurement policy
  • Construction subcontracting policy
  • Project organization policy
  • Project key personnel assignment
  • Man-power mobilization policy
  • Project scheduling policy

(c) Establish project control budget

  • Project profit/ loss
  • Project control budget
  • Project cash flow

(d) Attend project kick off meeting

(e) Monitor project execution status and give instruction or take action as necessary

(f) Monitor claims among parties and give instruction/take action as necessary

(g) Establish counter-measures for emergency/ abnormal incidents

(h) Regular reporting of project cost performance

(i) Review and approve:

  • Project performance report
  • Project close- out report

2. Improvement and development
(a) Project execution procedure improvement
(b) Engineer level-up planning and its execution
(c) Collect and feed back

  • Execution know-how
  • Job data
  • Troubleshooting report

3. Section Management

    • (a) Section man- power control

(b) Section cost control


  • Bachelor or Master Degree in technical field
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience at the same position
  • Dutch & English speaking
  • Experience in Industrial multi disciplinary CAPEX projects is a mandatory requirement

What we offer:

  • Yearly bonus based on performance
  • Training
  • Outing trip
  • Extra health insurance
  • Pension

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Project Manager

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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