Video: The Hanuman Brewery Project

Presenting the New Hanuman Brewery

2020 and 2021 saw challenging times for nearly everyone around the world, but we’re pleased to say that the pandemic didn’t stop us delivering this landmark brewery for Cambodian household name; Hanuman Beverages.

This video presents the project through the construction stages to now the finished and fully operational brewery. We were absolutely delighted to work with Hanuman on this important project for them, and to see the brewery area of the complex now completed.

Seamless team integration is always key in a project like this. We worked closely with not only Hanuman’s team but also worked together with and co-ordinated a large number of suppliers and contractors all of whom came together and worked proactively and efficiently to make this project happen.

As you can probably tell from our team picture at the end of the video, we loved working on this project, and here’s just a few reasons why:

  • Our client, Hanuman, being so pleased with our work after 5 months, doubled our original scope.
  • Over 2 million safe working hours – no accidents
  • Zero re-work
  • The project was delivered on-time and within budget.​
  • Great to work with Hanuman’s team and a great collection of contractors and suppliers – a real « dream team »!

To find out more about this project click here to read more.

So much to be proud of on this project, just watch the video and see for yourself…