LEFA Home Care Liquid Greenfield Factory

Project Overview:

Where: Bai Ba Industrial Zone, Phu Tho province, Vietnam.
Size: Total area 20,107 m2, construction area 5,090 m2.
IntES Services: Engineering consultancy for the full project including process design.

About the Project:

Lefa Chem, part of Vietnam Industries Buildings Services Joint Stock Company (IBS), require a new home care liquid factory on a Greenfield site with the capacity to produce 28,000 tons per year. Since our client is diversifying into the home care liquid sector, they approached us and chose IntES for our rich experience working with FMCG industries and our particular expertise with home care liquid processes. Our in-house process design discipline was of vital importance as their chemical blending process is key to the success of their project. This project marks our client’s first step into the FMCG market, and supports the industrial development of Phu Tho Province. We are delighted to be helping them in this exciting endeavour.

The Project Team

Being a process-driven project and a new venture for our client, our specific expertise in process engineering and our invaluable advantage of having a full in-house team for this made IntES a perfect fit. Not to mention our particular experience with exactly these kinds of systems and processes for home care liquids. We put together a specialist engineering team for this project with rich experience of similar home care liquid projects to ensure the highest level of expertise and quality for our client.

A Process-Driven Success:

As mentioned, the key factor of success for this project is the process engineering. As the appointed engineering consultants for the whole project we were responsible for designing the entire process from start to finish, including the CSA Design, General MEP, Process Design, Mechanical and Piping Design, as well as the Instrument and Electrical Design.

In order to design the best possible process systems the team conducted in-depth studies into the chemical raw materials storage and transfer, the main mixing process, product storage and transfer, packaging design, and the raw material and finished goods warehouse flow. Using top-standard industry technology and software such as 3D BIM, BIM360 and Autodesk cloud platforms, the engineering team have delivered a superior quality process design, which is ready for the next stage of the project.