Oil Extraction Plant for Entobel

Project Overview:

Project: New Greenfield Oil Extraction Plant.
Client: Entobel
Where: Vietnam
Size: 42,390m2
IntES Services: Engineering Services: Concept – Basic & Detail Engineering.

About Entobel:

Entobel is a company on a global sustainability mission. Having identified the current problems and potentially devastating impact of the growing global population human food supply chain, and in particular the direct related animal feed industry, their bio-tech investigations have lead to a viable, globally-scalable, alternative to the established way of doing things in this market. Entobel have successfully developed the potential of an insect species for its bioconversion capacity and created a sustainable new resource for animal feed and animal health. Entobel’s custom facilities source, develop, process and mass-produce new ingredients for a large and growing list of reputable clients worldwide.

About The Project:

We at IntES are delighted to be aiding Entobel with their groundbreaking work, helping them to find the new engineering solutions required to help them optimise their production capacity. Our scope of work for this project includes both Conceptual Engineering and Basic Engineering work. This new greenfield site in Vietnam will help Entobel expand the their production capacity, while their current production plant is just “pilot plant”. Therefore this project represents a big step forward for Entobel which we are proud to be a part of.