FirmoLin Technology (Thermal Modification of Wood)

Project Overview:

Client: FirmoLin
Project: Wood Modifying Skid Mounted Production Unit
Where: Deurne, Netherlands
IntES Services: Re-designing and re-modelling

About FirmoLin:

With over two decades of specialist technology development in the wood industry, FirmoLin is an International technological company which has developed a unique, patented wood modification system. Using their sustainable modification technique they produce white-label modified wood products and equipment installations for a collaboration of subsidiaries and independent partners.

A Sustainability Project Through and Through

FirmoLin’s patented technology treats wood using only extreme heat, water, and high pressure – no salts, acids or chemicals whatsoever, making it a completely natural and eco-friendly process; a real game-changer. Not only that, but as the whole purpose of the process is to change the properties of lower-grade wood to those of a higher-grade wood, it means it extends the usability of the wood, so it now has more potential uses than it otherwise would and importantly will last much longer, making its use more sustainable. Increased wood strength, durability, usability and preservation without the use of chemicals. The patented technology form FirmoLin ensures complete preservation of the wood, no matter how thick the beam or post – the sustainability effects reach right to the heart of the wood making it a very efficient process.

More About This Project

IntES’ role in this project for this exciting sustainable process manufacturer was to help with re-designing and re-modelling the wood modifying skid mounted production unit. As such our services for basic and detailed engineering consultancy involved process design, piping design, mechanical design, electrical design and instrumentation design – all illustrated through comprehensive 3D modelling.

We love working on environmentally-conscious projects like this, and particularly enjoyed working with FirmoLin’s team as our client.