The Greenfield Barett Craft Beer Brewery

In the Hung Yen Province of Vietnam, a brewery is being built. This brewery however will not make just any type of beer. It will make Barett Craft Beer, one of the many kinds of beer craft brewers in Vietnam. IntES had the honor of working together with the team of Barett Craft Beer and build their Greenfield Barett Craft Beer Brewery. We were given the task for delivering the engineering services for the structural and civil, mechanical and electrical, utilities, process equipment and the bidders verification. As of May 2020 the engineering on the factory has been completed and the construction is expected to finish in September 2020. The construction is already 60% done.

The project has a total land area of 4.4 ha of which 3.3 ha will be the designated gross floor area. The building will have two levels and will include the main building with the brew house, a warehouse, the water treatment plant and a boiler house. The brewery will also have a design that will allow for an expansion and has been LEED certified, in collaboration with another consultant. Due to the fast track approach for this project, the design and construction required very good co-ordination between all the teams involved. We are proud to be part of this achievement.