The Snacks Production Plant in Suzhou, China

Together with Kaipu, our partner and Design Institute, IntES formed an integrated team to tackle the assignments we were given by our client, Mondelez. This was done to ensure that our clients project requirements were completed to the highest standard.

Mondelez is an international company that empowers people to snack right. They sell their products across the globe, including China. To be able to sell their products around the world, Mondelez has several factories that make and distribute their snacks to various regions. The Mondelez Suzhou West Plant is no different. For the past twenty years, this plant has been able to produce and deliver Mondelez snacks across China. Over the years, the Suzhou West Plant has continuously expanded and undergone development works. Due to this, the client no longer has a complete set of drawings for the existing plant. In addition, the existing facility is currently undergoing compliance upgrades to the latest Chinese firefighting code.

Therefore Mondelez has given Kaipu and IntES the task to perform a firefighting compliance audit and provide an audit report. This will allow the Mondelez factory to execute the detailed implementations.

As well as working with Mondelez in China, Mondelez has also been a client of ours in Vietnam. Specifically with their plant locations in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City. In these locations we have worked on similar projects as the one in China. In Ho Chi Minh City we have worked on creating a laboratory design and in Ha Noi we have done firefighting audits. It has been a pleasure working and collaborating for Mondelez.

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