Ronald De Vries – IntES General Director

Appointed as IntES General Director in 2020, Ronald de Vries has a rich background in multicultural engineering and project management within various sectors gained over 30+ years in the industry. A very committed and proactive senior leader with many years of experience, Ronald has a very energetic, down to earth, pragmatic leadership style and maintains a strong focus on collaborative team development based on maximising everyone’s individual strengths.

As IntES is a global company, IntES’ General Director is no stranger himself to international experience. Ronald has had a great deal of prior involvement in the internationally-operating multi-disciplinary engineering and consultancy industry, having gained his experiences in various countries like Aruba, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar. Now based in IntES’ office in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Ronald also spends a large proportion of time each year visiting all IntES offices across the different continents, staying very much involved in all international operations and individual projects.

Himself a founding investor and shareholder of IntES, Ronald and the other senior management team investors founded the company together in 2016 out of a deep pride in engineering and the work achieved together as former colleagues working for over a decade for an engineering firm. This drive and belief in creating IntES as a new business, and working as a team in collaboration has helped create the foundation upon which IntES has built its successes and growth so far.

Achieving a university degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as a degree in Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Refrigeration Maintenance Technology, Ronald then went on to gain valuable experience in Real Estate, Univeristies and Clean Room projects during the first 15 years of his career, and gained experience in the industrial sectors of Chemicals, Food & Beverages, and Manufacturing during the latest 15 years. With managerial experience firmly rooted in engineering project management, as his career has progressed he has gained more and more experience of leadership roles and enjoyed success in positions such as Managing Director and Deputy General Manager in previous employments before embarking on the IntES venture.

Among Ronald’s IntES colleagues and team members, he’s known for the following strengths and skills:

  • Demonstrating an intuitive understanding of the clients’ business needs and individual project requirements and accountability for his team to deliver the « best in class » performance.
  • Excels during team set-up and manages the overall team collaboration and performance during execution.
  • Accountability and project involvement for all capital projects and ensuring the proper escalation level for the stakeholder.
  • Quickly adapts to changes and challenges with a positive and realistic mindset.
  • Always striving for smart, solution-driven approaches, serving the best interest of team performance and thus the project.
  • Strong communication skills based on listening to and thoroughly understanding the client, each team member, each project partner and the ultimate (project) stakeholders; being decisive on key areas as and when it is required.
  • Keeps a personal eye on the professional development and welfare of individual team members.
  • Celebrates individual and team successes, boosting enthusiasm across the business and encouraging new, innovative thinking and approaches along with new engineering technologies to continually drive IntES forward.
  • Setting a clear course for the advancement of IntES as a company and continually seeking sustainable, worthwhile development in all areas of the business and wider communities.