Carlsberg Hue Brewery – Keep Going Further with Our Repeated Client

IntES has been grateful to be repeated business with our client in upgrading work including sprinkler system & building and building service, RGB Packaging line flooring, wall, and roof… This project is in Thua Thien Hue Province, Viet Nam and will be completed in April 2020.
Our project manager, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Nam, highlighted that: “I myself and our team are very proud to be a part of this collaboration. Repeated client means confirmation of good services in the past”.
IntES takes responsibilities as a consultant for EPCm services, including upgrading Fire Fighting System with new sprinklers installation for Finishing Goods Warehouse, POSM warehouse and the office area. The new Sprinkler System was designed according to TCVN’s and Carlsberg’s requirements. Besides, building and building services upgrade, RGB Packaging line flooring, wall, and roof are also under aggressive execution.