Our Teams Continue to Service Our Clients Through Collaboration

Over the past weeks, we have implemented, like many, that our employees work from home offices due to the unfortunate situation we live in today. And that functions wonderfully well with all project parties involved.

However our site supervision teams can only perform their duties on the project’s location during the construction time.
Most of our site teams are still able to continue, or have restarted their work on their respective project sites where precautions have been taken to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved. These include all our client’s employees, the engineers, contractors on site, the site supervision team and anyone else that is involved.

Without you we would not be able to continue what we do.

We specifically would like to say that we appreciate and are thankful of our hardworking site team in Cambodia as we know they cannot return home to support their relatives and families due to the closing down of country borders. It is good to know that our local management and our site team in Cambodia have developed a clear plan if the situation should worsen. Be Safe!

Please contact our Director of Projects, Mr. Son Doan at son.doan@int-es.com if you would like more information.