Triple D Mobile Degasser Project Completed

By November 2019, proudly IntES completed Triple D Mobile Degasser project successfully.

The processing of vapors with Volatile Organic Components (VOCs), better known as “degassing,” is a common practice for storage tanks at terminals, but this is quite new for inland shipping tankers.

The existing degassing techniques have a problem approach that is unfavorable for the environment, certainly when it comes to the additional emissions of CO2, particulate matter and NOx. In addition, the Triple D method provides cost savings for the client.


In the past two years, innovative Dutch Triple D technology has been developed which will now offer an environmentally friendly, fast and cost saving solution. The project was developed by Clean Technology Systems Benelux (CTS).

IntES has performed the basic and detailed engineering of the skid mounted safety train and the retention box and also the total overview of the trailer in 3D modelling.

For the permit process, IntES also provided support in the preparation of the area classification memorandum, the hazard zone classification drawings and strength calculations for the fixation of the skids on the trailer.