COVID-19 Prevention Assessment & Review

Let us support your business in these unusual times and help your factories, offices and other facilities in the revolutionary move to a safe and effective “new normal”. We can provide an external review of your COVID-19 response measures so you can have a greater peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything you can.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 is now the most difficult challenge we and our industries are likely to face in our lifetime. It is no longer an unprecedented short-term obstacle, but is now a continuing different way of life and of working for the present and foreseeable future.

Companies across the globe must now make COVID-prevention a priority in the workplace. This is particularly vital in manufacturing where the effects of a potential outbreak can be even more wide reaching than the safety of the workforce but also have a wider impact through the supply chain and beyond. A COVID-19 outbreak in manufacturing can be potentially devastating to business, as it can incite a loss of trust with customers from which many businesses have sadly failed to recover.

A Second Pair of Eyes

Making your factories and offices as COVID-19-secure as possible supplies a multitude of unique challenges and considerations. No doubt as a business you are rightly already taking sensible steps and preventative measures to ensure the safety of your employees, but be aware of “factory blindness” where your in-depth familiarity with your own operational facilities can actually blinker you to risk-factors previously overlooked.

That’s where we come in. Our experienced senior consultants can provide you with another set of eyes to help you assess your facilities, review your prevention measures already in place and help you identify any areas of weakness in your SOPs, in-line with official government and health-authority guidelines and directives. Following a questionnaire and interview conducted remotely, your risk-levels over eight key-areas of review will be discussed with you. We will then provide tailored advice and specific recommendations to help you effectively evaluate and amend your practices and SOPs.

This service brings you the benefit of an external point-of-view from senior experts in their respective industries, bringing their years of experience in various plant operations around the world. (Meet our consultants: Richard Wall and Alpay Cholak)

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COVID-19 Risk Assessment - 8 key criteria

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