Front End Loading Workshops – Scoping & Feasibility

Once an idea for a project has been proposed, businesses try to build a project charter which describes the idea and its objectives. At this stage this would only be a rough outline of the project with some identified key deliverables. This may or may not have been documented formally in a Project Charter. Now the project team are tasked to start the project scoping. This stage is known by many different names but “feasibility stage”, “scoping stage” or “Front End Loading 1” (FEL1) are typical terms to name a few.

This phase is critical for the success of the project and should consider a number of topics such as strategic fit, governance, business case, market & commercial, intellectual property, sustainability, HSE, technology, legal etc
This phase will identify specific project goals such as:

  • Deliverables
  • Tasks
  • Costs
  • Deadlines
  • Design Considerations etc.

Often there is huge pressure to deliver this phase of the project very quickly. Management want to know if this project looks like it could be feasible so they can build this into the business strategy and planning.

IntES have expertise in helping clients by leading Scoping / Front End Loading Workshops using experienced consultants and tried and tested checklists of key questions to be asked and answered at this stage.

Deliverables of a Front End Loading Workshop with IntES

In a workshop consisting of a number of parallel streams the team aim to deliver the following during your workshop:

  • Plot plans
  • Basis of design document for Basic Engineering
  • Capacity calculations
  • Preliminary Process Vessels & Utility sizing
  • Initial project costing 25-40% accuracy
  • Single Line Diagrams for electric power
  • Simple Process Flow diagrams
  • Possibly even preliminary P&ID’s [Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams] if the process is already well known.

Who is involved?

Client engineering team, manufacturing / operations representatives, logistics, supply chain, and other relevant personnel as required supported by IntES engineers and consultants


Typically this would be a 2 week intensive workshop to be scheduled after the approval of the Project Charter.

Our Consultants

We have consultants available to structure and lead such a workshop. They have worked in industry in senior roles in multi-national companies and have extensive experience in setting up and managing the various stages of a project. Find out more about our consultants on our Business Consultancy page.

Contact us to find out more or to arrange your Front End Loading Workshop.