General Troubleshooting and Improvements

Every facility will at some stage face a sudden problem defying all efforts to resolve it or they may be facing problems which refuse to go away. They can benefit from support from an external consultant running a general troubleshooting workshop.

What are the benefits of external support?

A facilitated troubleshooting workshop can provide positive results and solutions thus releasing resources to concentrate on other critical activities. Having external eyes on the situation can also help overcome factory blindness and over-familiarisation with the plant and process.

The IntES consultants from within manufacturing and operations in the Fine Chemicals or Food & Beverage industries have extensive experience in troubleshooting. They have been involved in capacity increase initiatives, quality improvement, efficiency improvement, introduction of LEAN manufacturing techniques and much more.

Timing – Why and when should this consultancy be engaged?

All business units and plants will from time to time experience continual poor results in certain areas or be subjected to a sudden problem which refuses to go away. This troubleshooting consultancy should therefore be employed as required as indicated by results. This exercise will also be interesting for companies who want to explore improvements to existing facilities before committing to a new capital project. For example:

  • Debottlenecking versus new factory investment
  • Exploring potential improved cost structures before scoping a new project.

Who is involved in the troubleshooting workshop?

The team involved in our facilitated troubleshooting workshops usually consists of both client and contractor specialists, specific to the problem being examined. Anyone can be involved as long as they can add value to the process. The multidisciplinary team is typically made up of representative project engineers from areas such as Process Design, Instrumentation & Control, Operations (including Supervision) and operators, as well as Quality including field sampling reps where required. Technical team and Maintenance staff also play a role. Attendance at sessions will vary for the required experts, with a few being present at all sessions.

Our Consultants

We have consultants available to facilitate sessions to troubleshoot and help companies to find solutions to potentially highly costly issues. They have worked in industry in senior roles for multi-national companies and have extensive experience in both facilitating such events on a global platform as well as participating in these sessions themselves. Find out more about our consultants on our Business Consultancy page.

Contact us to find out more or to arrange your troubleshooting workshop and consultancy.