Master Plan for Implementing New Technology

Project Overview:

Project: Master Plan for Implementing New Technology
Where: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
IntES Services: Engineering Consultancy – Preliminary Study & Master Plan

About the Project:

Our client contacted us for our engineering consultancy services to conduct an in-depth preliminary study into the implications/considerations of implementing new technology in order to increase capacity at their site in The Netherlands. The proposed changes in a conceptual design would mean the introduction of 10 new production lines to the existing facility. Our client asked us to examine all areas and produce a master plan detailing how best to approach this engineering task, which would serve as a guide and roadmap for our client’s management team for their Capex estimates and investment decisions.

IntES Responsibilities

IntES was contracted by our client to:

  • Analyse and evaluate the space available and space required.
  • Recommend logistical flows and space required for safe and efficient operation all well as movement of goods and people around the new technology to be installed.
  • The effect on the utility demands on site considering the new consumptions of these new machines.
  • HSE considerations particularly relating to noise and emissions, particularly as the facility is located close to residential areas, and this is a responsibility our client takes very seriously.
  • 3D and 2D conceptual design for various equipment layout scenarios as a basis for the next engineering phase.

Project Outcomes

We worked closely with the assigned client project team, conducting inspections of the site which included converting point cloud information into an accurate CAD 3D model through the use of 3D scanning technology. In addition we conducted workshops with client personnel to gain a thorough understanding of the production environment. In-depth preliminary engineering research was also carried out into current and future utilities usage and related equipment layouts and piping routes.

Our team assessed the capacity, capabilities and requirements of implementing the new technology, which was one of the greater challenges of this project… Because the involved technology is brand new, the available information and knowledge is limited and was often received fragmented, which made the research more complex, especially as confidentiality needed to be maintained at the highest level throughout.

The culmination of this 6 month study was an in-depth report, as requested, with a detailed master plan of all engineering elements of this proposed CAPEX project, which our client was very pleased with.

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