Process Line Project for Cambrew

One of the leading breweries in Cambodia and proudly part of the Carlsberg Group, Cambew brews, produces and bottles a number of beverages, the largest of which being one of Cambodia’s favourite beers, Angkor Premium Beer. Our new IntES office in Cambodia were ideally placed to work on this small but complex engineering project for Cambrew at the Angkor Brewery in Sihanoukville.

Project Overview:

Client: Cambrew
Where: Angkor Brewery, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
IntES Services: Engineering, Project Management, Construction & Installation (corporate to local contractor) and Commissioning Support.

About the Project:

Cambrew initially approached IntES in Autumn 2020 for a site survey and proposal. Having worked for the wider Carlsberg group on a number of occasions, Cambrew were aware of our reputation for reliable solutions and their good experience of our services from the trust built up over a number of projects with Carlsberg in Vietnam.

The project involved converting an existing process equipment line into another beverage product processing line. The existing line had no mixer, therefore Cambrew had the idea to install an existing mixer from another line and then re-design the machine position, process pipes and utility piping system, as well as sort out the pipe insulation. The requirements of the project demanded a very high level of engineering, including thermos expansion in the pipeline, stress analysis and pressure drop calculation, as well as complex constructability study due to the existing site condition. So the project was not only highly specific in its needs, but also very interesting and multifarious in nature.

Our Approach:

Since this project was taking place in an existing factory, all work had to run parallel with the production and day to day operations of the factory. The safety levels for the employees at the factory and the protection of other operational machinery at the site was paramount and foremost in the minds of our project team. We had to plan vigilantly to avoid any potential delays that might occur due to production schedules, and as such, also had to carefully consider our construction methods. Therefore our key considerations and cornerstones of our approach for this project were:

  • Ensuring reliable lead times for material purchases and imports
  • Constructability study: How to disassemble and reinstall the mixer as a skid package
  • Construction method statement considering the interference with normal operations
  • Safety plan and communication with the operations team in daily activities

Project Outcome & Notable Achievements:

Despite a potentially complicated time schedule, we were delighted to finish the project for Cambrew ahead of deadline by one fifth of the overall project timeline. Completing just in time for the Vietnamese New Year holiday – a shorter overall project timeframe by 20%, with no accidents or incidents; all to the delight of our client who kindly awarded us an ‘Appreciate of Achievement’ for the project which was gratefully received by our happy and hardworking team.

Our project team reflected on how seamlessly the Cambrew team, IntES team and subcontractor worked together on this project, with the expression “One team, one dream” truly being realised here. We shared very close communication with open transparency, sharing expectations and aligning the target to reach this highly successful end result. We look forward to working closely with Cambrew again on any future projects.