Safety Management for New Industrial Waste Recycling Centre

Project Overview:

Where: He’nan Province, China.
Size: 88 mu (aprox. 5.86 ha)
IntES Services: Safety Management

About the Project:

Our client is the environmental experts company who provide innovative sustainable recycling services of hazardous industrial residues from steel and aluminium production. As a specialism they focus on the safe recycling of steel dust, salt slags and aluminium residues, whilst also offering related logistics and associated industrial services. Managing the transformation of more than 1,300,000 tons of waste material into over 600,000 tons of new materials every year, they are reducing the need for natural resources by offering these new recycled more sustainable alternatives back to the market.

Our IntES team in China is delighted to be running the Safety Management for our client’s second Chinese recovery process centre project. The new plant will have the capacity of treating 750,000 tons of hazardous waste material every year, marking a significant addition to the company’s production capabilities. Over a land area of 88 mu, the site will contain multiple buildings including an office building, multi-function building, warehouse, workshop and auxiliary room.

We are delighted to be working on this important project, and whilst the project is still ongoing, it has already been recognised with a number of awards. Thanks to the efforts of the team, we are proud to say the project has been awarded the Benchmark site of Xucang City award, Model Engineering Project of Changge County, and more. Even more crucially though, we are on track and sparing no effort to meet the desired goal of “Zero Injury and Harm”.