Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

In the next 30 years the population of our planet is estimated to increase by over a third to reach 9-10 billion people. A higher level of dairy, meat and fish consumption per capita is therefore also expected due to rising levels of affluence and the trend towards globalization. The crucial importance of the world’s agriculture system has never been as widely recognised as it is today, as the demand for calories from animal products is likely to double in that time.

Meeting the nutritional demands of the food chain as our word’s population expands will require significant innovation, investment and legislative support for agricultural production. Sustainability is absolutely fundamental, not only to the success of agricultural organisations, but to the longevity of our global population as a whole in order to tackle this global challenge.

Challenges faced by the Agriculture & Animal Husbandry market:

If the increasing global demands of food, feed and fibre are to be met, new technologies, processes and radical new approaches will be essential. All of which will help greatly in confronting the numerous formidable, but not insurmountable, challenges and opportunities facing this sector. The greatest of which include:

  • Responding to the loss of biodiversity, the impacts of climate change and soil erosion issues.
  • The development of and adaptation to new technologies.
  • Increasingly higher quality expectations across ever more aspects.
  • Necessary investment in farming productivity improvements.
  • Changing consumer preferences, diets and demands.
  • Stay resilient against global economic factors.
  • The need to inspire the next generation into farming.
  • Organisational agility to deal with worldwide economic influences.

How IntES can help:

With our core in solution-based engineering, IntES focuses on internationalization worldwide. We have a long experience in Asia and Africa for the development of hatchery farms, rearing and growing farms, primary slaughterers, animal feed mills, soybean oil factories, rice mills and more. Even an innovative agritech/biotech project focusing on the production and processing of insects.

We take pride in our involvement with new sustainable business concepts, whether it’s pioneering technology or synergistic partnerships. All for the improvement, longevity and vitalisation of our clients in the agriculture and animal husbandry industry, and what this means for tomorrow’s world; that’s our drive. We both initiate and participate in valuable collaborative partnerships. Combining the best international expertise with a local delivery of engineering consultancy services, allowing us to put our client’s objectives first and achieve uniquely successful outcomes.

What we do:

Our innovative vision of our clients’ development together with our multicultural teams and vast global experience of our professionals allows us to offer a unique service with a distinct advantage:

  • We focus on translating the strategic motivations of the “business case” into a CAPEX project to ensure the desired output of our clients’ products.
  • We offer all-encompassing, multi-disciplinary engineering and project management services which means we handle the entire project from start to finish.
  • We operate with cutting-edge proven design and communication software applications to enhance our pragmatic and considered methodology.
  • Our entire approach is client-centric and our expert teams have great experience and understanding of individual drivers for the agricultural and animal husbandry industry.
  • We set clear priorities and meet expectations. Just ask our existing clients.

Our Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Industry Experience:

Our Agriculture and Animal Husbandry clients choose us for our proven capacity to implement complex, technical assistance projects and our decisive participation as a vector for sustainable change in transition. We are extremely proud of our work in the agriculture sector, and are privileged partners working with international companies like De Heus, Entobel, Sunrice, Koudijs and more.

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