Energy, Industry & Manufacturing

In the Energy, Industry & Manufacturing markets, we know strict timelines are essential. In any manufacturing line, projects are time-sensitive, cost-oriented and quality-imperative, and such need to be closely controlled. Missing deadlines is simply not an option
This necessary rigidity makes it less feasible to adjust ongoing projects or make changes to scopes. As such most projects require a comprehensively thought-out, fixed design from the outset. There isn’t the wriggle-room for reflective change from data discoveries and this can be frustrating when production quality is key. We truly understand the challenges our manufacturing clients face in all their project decisions and are here to help.

Challenges faced by the Energy, Industry & Manufacturing markets:

We know this last year hasn’t been an easy one in these industries, and the coming year is likely to present still more battles. So we’re on hand to provide instrumental support, innovation and solutions with common challenges such as:

  • Manual handling and safety.
  • Skilled labour shortage / Skilled labour gap.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) System usability.
  • Maintaining the right inventory levels.
  • Robotics and automation change. Machine Intelligence.
  • Customer self-service application.
  • Trade wars resulting in geographic challenges.

How IntES Can Help:

It is our aim to support our clients in their investment to enhance the performance of industrial facilities. Our integrated multi-disciplinary approach serves our clients by improving and developing engineering solutions that increase productivity, optimize life-cycle costs and reduce risk. We pride ourselves on initiating and participating in valuable and collaborative partnerships. These synergistic partnerships provide the best international expertise with a local delivery of engineering consultancy services, allowing us to always put our client’s objectives first.

What we do:

  • We offer completely integrative multidisciplinary engineering and project management services, which means we will take care of all project implementations from start to finish.
  • We apply the latest available, proven design and communication software systems to support our pragmatic and rigorous approach.
  • We focus on translating the vital aspects of the “business case” into a CAPEX project for the absolute conversion of the desired output of our clients’ products.
  • Our team is not only client-centric but we also have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the key drivers in the Energy, Industry & Manufacturing industry which means setting priorities and meeting expectations.

Our Energy, Industry & Manufacturing markets experience:

This industry has a wide range of sectors like Automotive, Construction materials, Pulp & Paper, Consumables and many more. We have proudly delivered highly successful porjects to a variety of clients, including Holcim, Solvay, P&G, Entobel, Dorco and Dynapack, to name a few of our valued international clients.

Take a look at some of our recent projects here.


We deliver a unique approach for efficient solutions in EPCM services to satisfy our clients’ engineering challenges.

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