Fine Chemicals, Storage & Terminals

In order to remain competitive in today’s chemical industry, agility is key. Without an agile business model, no organization can hope to compete in an arena with increasing energy costs and such high capital expenditures. It’s easy for organizations to fall into unproductive patterns of cost-cutting programs for short-term gains whilst unintentionally missing the bigger picture of operational productivity and market responsiveness; the very foundations chemical businesses need to succeed in this modern global market. Instead, a far more productive approach would be to redirect those efforts towards supporting customer quality expectations and meeting regulatory compliance initiatives.

Challenges Faced by the Fine Chemicals, Storage and Terminals Market:

At IntES we are well-equipped to help with the biggest challenges currently facing the fine chemicals industry, which include:

  • An effective response to unanticipated fluctuations in commodity prices
  • Dealing with cases of increasing scrutiny from recalls and quality audits
  • Converting the available operational and manufacturing data into tangible, practical responses.
  • Driving down formula costs to create new efficiencies.

How IntES Can Help:

With all our clients’ projects, such as brownfield projects, modifying and/or expanding process steps; we are able to support right from the very initial stages, all the way through to completion. We engage deeply with the process requirements, full in the knowledge that each chemical organization has a very tailored and unique approach to each of their products. We also work closely with our clients’ OEMs as key partners in delivering projects, ensuring early engagement and deeper involvement with our process engineers for superior outcomes.

Our expert team is well known for our flexible approach in working hand-in-hand with our clients. We consider our clients as partners which ensures that we find solutions that exactly meet their technical and commercial needs. Our engineers have extensive experience in working across numerous sectors of the process industries and we are able to utilize this to introduce innovative solutions.

What We Do:

The type of work we undertake includes FEED studies with integrated value engineering, conceptual design studies, debottlenecking of existing plants, upgrades, scale-ups and expansions. We also offer HAZOPs, regulatory and functional safety reviews. We proudly deliver every project to the highest possible standard through a number of key elements to our work:

  • We offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ multi-disciplinary engineering and project management service which means we will take on the full project implementations in its entirety!
  • We utilize the latest available proven design and communication software applications to support our pragmatic and well-structured approach.
  • We focus on translating the key drivers of the “business case” into a CAPEX project for the actual conversion of the desired output for our clients’ products.
  • Our team is not only client-centric but we also have a comprehensive understanding of the common and specific drivers for the manufacturing and fine chemicals industry, which means setting clear priorities and meeting expectations.
  • We have a dedicated Process Plant Engineering department to add value during the design development from initial stages.

Our Fine Chemicals, Storage and Terminals Industry Experience:

Our chemical industry client-list covers a wide range of producers, including activity in sub -sectors like Paint and other Coatings, Polymers and Plastics, Base Chemicals and Storage & Terminals. We are delighted to count many esteemed international companies among our clientele, including Solvay, Allnex, Surtec, Henkel, Arkema, Puma Energy, PetroVietnam and more. Take a look at some of our recent projects here.


We deliver a unique approach for efficient solutions in EPCM services to satisfy our clients’ engineering challenges.

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