Food & Beverage Market

The last decade has seen the Food and Beverage market face many changes and challenges. Consumer behaviours are shifting due to increasingly ethically-driven motives, food safety regulations continue to update with new stringencies, and technology has advanced vastly. All of which contribute to a new series of obstacles for this diverse industry as well as plentiful opportunities which need to be taken on board.

In this consumer-driven industry, food products are under more scrutiny than ever. Not just for quality, but also nutritional value and eco-friendliness. As such, to compete in today’s market significant changes are often required to pre-existing manufacturing processes, which in turn can open up a great deal of opportunities and value for those companies determined to remaining one step ahead.

Challenges faced by the Food & Beverage Industry:

Our food and beverage industry experts have highlighted some of the major challenges that companies in this market are going to face in the coming years, and are full of innovative, pragmatic ideas to help our clients not only overcome, but gain advantage from them:

  • Plastic reduction & environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.
  • Increasingly health-oriented diets of consumers.
  • Short, medium and long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Impact of growing eCommerce demands.
  • Rise in uptake of plant-based diets & animal welfare concerns.
  • Increasing demand for supply chain transparency & product traceability.
  • Periodic changes to food safety regulations & requirements.
  • Inventory management, storage & perishability factors.

How IntES can help:

All these new challenges are leading to constant adjustments in production environments to meet new requirements. We approach this in a collaborative way because our engineering project specialists are continuously developing their skills during projects working with the most diverse organizations. Afterwards, they leave that knowledge behind with our clients and share it with our other professionals. Moreover, during a project we stick to a tight schedule, interim delivery moments and evaluations. This allows you to keep a constant grip on the result that we guarantee in advance.

IntES looks beyond technology. We purposefully build the progress of your business. This starts well before the design: the strength of our integrated approach lies in the preparatory phase. Where necessary, we go deep into the processes together: we analyze the opportunities, test your wishes and compare the possibilities. Because we are outside your daily operations, we are able to distance ourselves and thus arrive at new insights and possibilities that we translate into efficient solutions.

What we do:

  1. We offer a full range of consultancy, multi-disciplinary engineering and project management services to the food and beverage industries which means we will take on all project implementations.
  2. We utilize the latest available, proven design and communication software applications to support our pragmatic and well-structured approach.
  3. We focus on translating the key drivers of the “business case” into a CAPEX project for the actual conversion to the desired output of our clients’ products.
  4. Our team is not only client-centric but we also understand very well the concept of “product to market” which means setting priorities and meeting expectations.

Our Food and Beverage Industry Experience:

We have proudly been working in the Beverages sector for international Brewery brands like Carlsberg and Heineken, but have also proven to deliver equally complex projects for local breweries like Barret, Hanuman and others. Additionally, we also work with other type of beverages like our appreciated client Suntory Pepsi.

Our Food industry client-list covers a wide range of producers from large international companies like Nestle, Sun Rice, De Heus and Mondelēz, to smaller country-focused, valued clients like Uniben, Satori and ThienViet. We pride ourselves on bringing the same level of integrity and drive and meeting the food standards equally for all our clients, covering food processing, dairy products, slaughterhouses and more. Take a look at some of our recent projects here.


We deliver a unique approach for efficient solutions in EPCM services to satisfy our clients’ engineering challenges.

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