Engineering Services for High-Tech Industry

We know the high-tech industry has seen some dramatic situations in recent years, much of which has been globally newsworthy and put much pressure on manufacturers and suppliers to make fast, significant changes. Namely, the big one, the global pandemic, which resulted in a huge semiconductor supply and demand problem worldwide, but also disruptions from trade disputes, geo-political tensions and new legislation. The response has largely resulted in substantial modifications to business processes and operations, as well as widespread geographical shifts. It’s a time of great transition for the high-tech production industry – and we’re here to help and support with experienced engineering services specifically for high-tech industry.

Challenges Faced by the High-Tech Industry:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions over recent years
  • Talent Shortage & Skills Gap
  • Fast-paced, complex advancements in the field around miniaturisation & product innovation
  • Re-location of manufacturing & supply centres (re-shoring, near-shoring and “friend -shoring” to stabilise and solidify the reliability of supply chains and respond to geo-political export controls).
  • Regulatory Impacts – PFAS scrutiny, new industry body regulations, government-introduced supply chain visibility acts and more.
  • Sustainability & environmentally-friendly supplies, processes & practices.

How IntES can Help:

We provide high-tech clients; micro-electronics companies, semiconductor manufacturers (foundries as well as integrated device manufacturers) and others, with engineering and project management support across the whole value chain. We specialise in EPCM consulting, so we can manage entire new facility development, re-locations, or existing plant improvements and upgrades, from start to finish. From FEL studies to process plant design, detail engineering, procurement and construction management and everything in between. We’re a multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with international offices and experience working with high-tech and semiconductor industry clients. This is firmly in our wheelhouse and our clients choose us for our collaborative approach, transparency and flexibility; your CAPEX projects are in safe hands with us.

What We Do for High-Tech Industry Clients:

For our global semiconductor clients and other high-tech clients, we provide a wide range of services here at IntES, with a true appreciation and understanding of our clients’ unique requirements as micro-electric manufactures and suppliers. From full EPCM project delivery including brand new Greenfield developments, to individual engineering disciplines and services for projects managed by clients themselves. Our flexible approach always puts our client’s needs first, becoming an invaluable extension of our high-tech industry clients’ own teams.

We have expertise in cleanroom design and build-clean requirements adhering to FS209E and/or ISO cleanroom standards, as well as hazardous material safety protocols. Facilities integration services achieve optimised people and material flows, and by completely understanding our clients’ need for operational readiness, we set plans and objectives for this right from the outset. Thorough project documentation, drawings, training and handover verification among many other activities ensure a smooth transition through to commissioning.

Reducing corporate environmental impact and the drive for greater sustainability is a huge concern for many industries and the high-tech market is certainly no exception. We have a great deal of experience in sustainability integration and have delivered numerous designs which have been awarded high-level LEED accreditation across multiple industries, helping our clients reach their CSR environmental goals in addition to external sustainability & emissions regulations and globally-recognised standards.

Our High-Tech Industry Experience:

We have supported a number of high-tech clients with large CAPEX projects as major industry shifts have meant re-location to different regions including Vietnam, where we are currently delivering substantial new and ongoing projects for a range of high-tech industry clients including household-name giants of the semiconductor market. With offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi within Vietnam as well as offices in Cambodia, Indonesia, The Netherlands and more, we have both the global expertise and invaluable local knowledge to provide significant support to our clients.

IntES has been engaged as the lead engineering partner for two large American semiconductor clients’ major projects, as well as providing various engineering services to other high-tech clients, with the appointment being made due to our team’s understanding of the complex technical needs for their projects as well as our industry knowledge and market experience. Our IntES engineers are highly experienced in engineering robust manufacturing processes for intricate fabrication plants for microchip production, as well as consistently delivering to international quality standards and our detailed knowledge of local building codes and policies. Add into the mix the client-centric project management approach IntES is known for, and you’ve got a reliable and all-encompassing service provider for all high-tech industry engineering needs.

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