The success of the pharmaceutical industry has come from vastly growing markets around the world. Not just from continuing global population growth, nor only in more affluent countries where pharmaceuticals traditionally thrive, but also in emergent developing countries which are of ever rising significance as healthcare availability progresses. Pharmaceutical companies must adapt their strategies to ensure the opportunities from this increasing demand are met as more and more communities gain access to improved healthcare.

Challenges Faced by the Pharmaceuticals Market:

With populations rising, so has migration to cities. This reduction in traditional rural livelihoods and increasingly sedentary urban lifestyles is resulting in an increase of non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And of course it’s impossible to forget the profound impact of infectious diseases, as has become so globally paramount in 2020. All of this presents great opportunities for those astute pharmaceutical organisations that are able to adapt and respond to the demands of this quickly-evolving modern society, and take-on the inherent challenges involved. Such challenges include:

  • Developing new medicines for increasingly drug-resistant diseases
  • Stagnation in scientific developments
  • Governmental focus & budget shifts from cure to prevention
  • Ever more scrutinous customer expectations
  • Necessary change hampered by inefficient management culture issues
  • Increased availability of pharmo-economic data for healthcare payers to scrutinize
  • Expansion of the self-medication trend

Collaborative Pharmaceutical Expertise:

IntES and its partners have synergistic expertise and experience across all specialisms of the pharmaceutical industry. Our partners have worked closely with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies while our multidisciplinary expertise in the industry ensures that our clients are able to bring products to market in the shortest possible time whilst meeting all regulatory requirements. Together with our partners we are able to offer a complete service in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry, including:
• Pharmaceuticals Market
• R&D and QC Laboratories
• Pharmaceuticals
• Biopharmaceuticals
• Medical Devices
• Cosmetics

Recent work includes API manufacturing, secondary finishing facilities and containment & cleanroom design along with validation support capabilities. Our partners have undertaken a conceptual design study for a drug development facility in China and completed projects in Eastern Europe to bring factories up to FDA approval levels. The design and build projects include a number of hydrogenation suites, a polymer development laboratory and a production and packaging facility for radiopharmaceuticals.

From a healthcare perspective, services have been delivered for healthcare process improvements in a number of applications. Recent projects include the design and specification of production facilities such as clean rooms, packing and service areas – and the design and specification of process equipment and utilities including steam, water treatment, purified water and water for injection, nitrogen and HVAC.

What We Do:

Together with our partners based in the UK and The Netherlands we are offering a transparent value proposition to our clients in Eastern Europe, China, South East Asia and Africa:

  • We focus on ensuring the CAPEX project is a true manifestation of the “business drivers” to ensure the desired result for our clients’ products.
  • We offer a fully comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering and project management service, taking care of everything involved in the project as a single point of contact.
  • Our pragmatic, methodical approach is supported by the latest highly accredited design and communication software, which seamlessly integrates with our collaborative approach with our partners.
  • Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the specific motivations for pharmaceuticals industry, so we are naturally client-centric in our approach.
  • Together with our clients we set clear agreed priorities and meet expectations, right from the outset.

We deliver a unique approach for efficient solutions in EPCM services to satisfy our clients’ engineering challenges.