Ivory Coast Project – EPCM Across Three Continents

‘International Project Management’ has taken on whole new meaning in 2020, with global project coordination facing some extraordinary challenges. However, when managing projects around the world is already your bread and butter, as it is for us, we simply take advantage of all the tools and skills available to us.

A Collaborative Project:

Currently, we at IntES are providing our EPCM services for an exciting project in Ivory Coast. As the main engineering consultants, we manage the project as an Integrated Project Team providing EPCM across three continents – no mean feat! With international travel restrictions still widely in place across the globe, managing global projects like this one are perhaps a bit more challenging than usual. Our Netherlands-based project management team works closely with our client’s development team there, the consultant for equipment is also based in the Netherlands, and our highly committed local team in Ivory Coast works on the EIA, Geotech Survey, Topographic Survey etc, whilst our engineering centre in Ho Chi Minh City works closely with all parties involved and provides support to our IntES construction management team in Ivory Coast. And yet, it’s a well-oiled machine!

Open Communication and Technology:

So, how do we do it? Well, pandemic or no pandemic, good project management is always essential and based on open communication and inclusive leadership, and what we most pride ourselves on. In today’s modern world the right technology is also key. By default we always apply the latest integrated AEC tools and workflows. Autodesk BIM 360 applications enable us to simplify design, planning and construction across international teams, and keep all data and information readily available, shared in the cloud. We always use the latest, proven technologies to support and enhance our work at IntES.

As with all project management, communication is key, so our meetings, workflow reviews, minutes and even quick chats are all done via Microsoft Teams. We find it’s simple and effective and moreover perfectly suited to this particular project. It helps us to perform our meetings, review work packages, share minutes of meetings, share agreed actions and follow ups, and have quick information exchanges with each other individually or in groups. This allows our integrated team to be constantly connected and manage the project in a way that keeps all our data accessible and ‘real-time’ up to date.

Effective Project Management:

The world might have changed, but good project management hasn’t, and we’ve got it in spades! Good project management means the project should be well-defined and adhering to the business drivers of the client; have a tight, mandated time frame with specific milestones; have a clear plan of approach, and clear definitions on tasks and roles & responsibilities for each of our integrated teammates. It’s also vital to evaluate many types of tools and techniques to optimize the project. All of this and more has been in place with this project from day one and as a result each contribution to the project has been delivered to the right quality and on time.

IntES is used to working collaboratively and we regularly perform jobs coordinating across multiple international locations – as we said, it’s our bread and butter! We work on projects in the Netherlands, Ivory Coast, Ghana, China, Vietnam and Cambodia, and we are open to performing our engineering and consultancy services with our clients in new territories, applying our proven approach and experienced team.

Get in touch with us to find out more about this project or to find out how we can help with your next multi-location CAPEX project.